Home Heart Harmony Turns 4!!

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I just wanted to pop in quickly today to wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and your new year celebrations went off with a bang. I also wanted to have a quick catch up because the 2nd January is my blog birthday and today marks four years of Home Heart Harmony fun! I would hate to let the day pass without acknowledging how thankful I am for each person that checks in and reads my little blog. I do hear from some of you now and again and I was so touched over the summer to receive messages asking if I was o.k. and just little check-in emails when I didn’t post for a while – some of them really made me feel so emotional and appreciated – I’m so thankful to those that support my random ramblings! You are the reason I always come back to my laptop, I just can’t leave you all behind ūüėČ

Usually at this point, I do a review of the previous year (you can see my previous blog birthday posts here, here and here) – and I am hoping to get to that over the next few days but, well,¬†December didn’t pull any punches and I’m still trying to catch up and get on my feet over here! Literally, as I pressed publish on the last blog post I shared (in which I very stupidly said that life was settling down and getting back into a groove – why would I tempt fate in such a blatant manner?!), I had a call to say that I needed to get myself to the hospital because a family member had been taken ill. The month continued in a similar vein and finished with a 3 day stay in the children’s ward¬†of our local hospital right before Christmas, with our daughter who had suspected appendicitis. We were allowed to come home on the afternoon of Christmas Eve and let’s just say the to-do’s didn’t get ‘to-done!’ So, I had to prioritise and make the best of the fact that we were home and our daughter was looking a lot better than she did 3 days earlier.

Thank goodness I took my own advice and hadn’t left too much to the last minute like I have in previous years! I did have a very late night on Christmas Eve (after getting little to no sleep in the hospital!) getting everything wrapped and ready but we made it and I slept until 11.30 on Boxing Day!!

Never a dull moment around here lately! We made it through Christmas and today the children headed back to school still looking very weary. I felt bad for them, they both really needed a restful break but it hasn’t really happened.

Anyway, on to brighter things.¬†I’m excited for the year ahead, feeling motivated and armed with a plan which is always a good start! My goal for the year is going to be to slow down and say no more! I know that sounds a bit negative but I feel we need to simplify, pare back and really focus on the things that are important this year. We are very good at taking on too much and burning out! We need to do a little bit of self-preservation and find a way to be more focused with our energies. Prioritise! That’s my buzz word this year and I’m hoping it will bring a more balanced mix of love, family, friendship and fun!

Here on the blog, my plan is to try hard to post on a reasonably regular schedule and to focus on using what we have creatively to organise and improve our home. I’m going to be trying hard not to spend too much money on things we don’t really need and hope to use what we have to create spaces we all love. I look forward to sharing our efforts with you in that area as well as posting the more chatty updates filling you in on any tips, tricks and products that have been making our lives that bit easier as well as some of what we’ve been getting up to and any places we’ve travelled. I can’t wait to get sharing!

I wish you all a peaceful and love-filled 2018 xx

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  1. Pamela says:

    Congratulations on your 4 year blog anniversary. I only found your blog this year and I think it’s great. I love reading a blog from the UK where I know the names of shops where you’ve bought something! I always think that reading your blog post is like popping round for a cup of tea with a friend I’ve never met! Wishing you another successful year of blogging and hope that the year brings the balance that you are hoping for.

    • Sue Parfitt says:

      Ah Pamela, what a lovely comment – popping round for coffee with a friend – that’s exactly what I would hope reading one of my posts would be like! Thank you so much. Wishing you a wonderful 2018 xxx

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