What Colours go with Duck Egg?

Home_Heart_Harmony_Colours_that_go_with_duckeggWhat colours go with duck egg? It’s a google search term that brings people to my website in droves and yet, while I have talked in the past about ‘Decorating with Duck Egg,’ I have never addressed the specific question of colours that pair well with it. I have also received many reader emails about the same issue and have really enjoyed doing a bit of research on their behalf, sending them suggestions of what might work in their homes, with their furniture and I thought, why not bring all that information together in one post?

So, what colours do go with Duck Egg? Well, there’s white and cream of course but as it turns out, there are quite a lot of other shades that really make duck egg an option for anyone, whatever their decorating tastes! This is of course, by no means an exhaustive list but it might get some of you inspired! Let’s dive in..



Our duck egg and silver living room

If you are a regular reader, you will know that I have rather a soft spot for a touch of duck egg here and there (!) We decorated our living room in this shade about 9 or 10 years ago now and I have to say, whilst I am often the type of person who tires quickly of a colour, this one has stuck with me and our living room is definitely one of my favourite spaces in our home. Whenever people come here, they always comment on how calming and relaxed it is in that room and I believe the colour has a lot to do with that.

Home_Heart_Harmony_Colours_that_go_with_duckeggIn this room, I decided to make silver the accent colour. I was determined to have a round mirror hanging above the mantel and I felt that silver would balance out the dark black of the hearth well. We chose a silver mirror and have some other silver accessories dotted around.



Our daughter’s duck egg and peach bedroom

More recently, we have decorated our daughter’s bedroom in (what is possibly a slightly paler shade of) duck egg and we very intentionally paired it with peachy/pink accessories to add a bit of a fun touch for our teenager.


Our daughter’s duck egg and peach bedroom

We were really happy with the way the two tones blended together and because all the peach touches are used through the accessories (rather than, for example, the curtains), we can change the accent out at any time if our daughter decides she wants to switch things up.


Home_Heart_Harmony_Colours_that_go_with_duckeggPale pink looks so pretty with duck egg. It has to be one of my all time favourite colour matches. It makes me think of summer weddings and garden parties!

Home_Heart_Harmony_Colours_that_go_with_duckeggI love it with the more vibrant shades of hot pink too though. How cute is this bedding from Dorma?! (It’s on half price sale on that link if too anyone is interested!) And that rug? I’ll take one of those as well please!


Home_Heart_Harmony_Colours_that_go_with_duckeggLook how beautifully Laura Ashley puts yellow together with duck egg. I would possibly not have thought of this as a colour combination but now I’ve seen it, I think I may have to find somewhere to make it work!


And at this luxury apartment in Perthshire (by Alexander Residence Luxury Apartments), they have used duck egg as the accent colour in their vibrant yellow bedroom – definitely makes me want to book a short break!!



This seemed like an unlikely combination to me but actually, I love the way the purple blends in with the touches of duck egg, it makes me think of fields of lavender.

We used to live in a village that had a lavender farm so I can’t believe I’ve never thought of this colour combination before!


Lime Green

One of my readers contacted me only this week to suggest lime green as a colour that she was surprised to find worked well with duck egg.

This image shows how the two colours play off one another and I think she may be on to something!

I can’t quite make up my mind what colours these are but there is definitely some green at play amongst them and I think the mix is great!


Home_Heart_Harmony_Colours_that_go_with_duckeggThe way duck egg mixes with wood and the tan leather tones can be quite surprising. I love the way the floors and wood tones in the furniture mix with the leather on this sofa to complement that gorgeous wallpaper so well.

Home_Heart_Harmony_Colours_that_go_with_duckeggThose wood tones are at work again in this relaxed living room but look how they have linked the beige through in the rug, sofa and curtains. Love it!

So, I’m sure there are plenty more colours to add but these are a great starting point for anyone looking to decorate with duck egg. Please do keep your questions and emails coming. I love receiving them and who knows, they might inspire another post like this one!

Read more about decorating with duck egg here and other posts in the ‘decorating with’ series here (grey), here (pink), and here (neutrals).

I hope you are all winding down to a relaxing weekend. We are praying for some spring sunshine, I am so ready for some warmer, dryer weather aren’t you?!

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