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New Year OrganisingHow is it already February? I swear life seems to get busier and busier all the time and the start of this new year has to have been the busiest I’ve ever known! That may have had something to do with a certain ‘big birthday’ of course but in general, our feet haven’t hit the ground since we returned to work and school after Christmas. I haven’t had time for much of anything outside of work and family, let alone blogging or getting anything organised (which is how I like to start my new year) so I decided to have a bit of a push over the last few days of January and early February and see how far I could get. So far, I have de-cluttered and re-organised our main bathroom, guest bedroom and new home office and I feel SO relieved!

I have talked a fair bit about my love of organising in the past and I always feel a mixture of amused and embarrassed when people suggest that I am ‘organised’. In fact, it may amuse you to know that my husband calls me “the most unorganised, organised person in the world!” He even sings a little song about it!! The truth is, I LOVE to feel organised and I love the act of organising but if you came to my house, you would probably be very disappointed to find that there is A LOT of work to be done in this area!! I try so hard but I often feel overwhelmed when I think about all the ‘stuff’ we seem to accumulate and while I am constantly trying to get on top of the situation, it seems to creep up around me and there is always more work to be done.

To see the fruits of my labours past, you can visit my weekly organising challenge posts as well as all of our organising projects here. In the meantime, I thought I would share a few pics of the changes we’ve been making around here recently in an attempt to clear some clutter and get organised for the year ahead.

Our guest bedroom has been a scene of total devastation for about a year now!! It started when we moved our son out of there back in October 2015. In order to clear the way in his new room, furniture and boxes of our belongings had to be moved into this room. Then, when we finished that and started on our daughter’s room, furniture and belongings from there had to be moved in here as well. Then, when we started the kitchen remodel, boxes of belongings from there also made their way up to the spare room and well, you get the picture. We finished up with a whole lot of boxes and mis-matched furniture and the task of sorting through it all seemed so overwhelming we put it off….and off….and off a bit longer….until we could hardly set foot through the door.

We decided enough was enough over Christmas and during the break, we started making a plan of attack. We decided that a lot of what we were storing in the spare bedroom should really be stored in our office but the problem with that was, we have a full height cupboard in the office (previously the kids’ den) which was chock-full of craft materials and toys. So the plan began…

Sort and clear the craft cupboard and toy storage unit in the office, then move the  bookcase, files and books from the spare bedroom downstairs and store them in the office. Once we had done this, we were able to sort through what we had left, make around 10 visits to the charity shop and rubbish tip and use the existing storage we had in there to house the rest. We have re-organised the furniture and re-used what we had so we haven’t spent a single penny either – win win!! Here are some pics of those spaces now. I can hardly bear to share the before but I suppose it does help us to appreciate the after!! (Apologies for the grainy late night phone pic!)New Year OrganisingArgh! I need that emoji of the little monkey hiding its eyes! These are definitely not finished spaces (and yes, that is a shelving unit sitting up-side-down on the desk!) but I thought it might be interesting to share the journey! We really need to decorate both the guest room and the office. The walls are full of holes (which account for the randomly hung picture frames!) and that blue in the bedroom was our son’s paint choice when he was about 4! We are determined to keep our de-cluttering efforts going and maintain the momentum so I am hoping to be able to share some more organised spaces with you throughout the year.

New Year OrganisingI am now itching to get the back of the desk covered and paint that bookcase. I’m thinking of using up my chalk paint supply for that (you can read about our previous chalk paint project here). How has your year started? Have you been in a new year’s organising frenzy or making the most of these dark evenings to catch up on some box-sets or reading? Don’t you just love those things about this time of year? It’s all a bit dark and miserable but cuddle up by the fire with a good book and it doesn’t seem so bad!

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  1. kerryvillers says:

    It doesn’t look like the same room. I am the most disorganised, disorganised person in the world. Literally the worst! I need to take a leaf out of your book and get sorting. It does do wonders for a state of mind xx

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