DIY Christmas Fireplace Garland

Home_Heart_Harmony_Christmas_Fireplace_GarlandIt’s almost Christmas!!!! Excitement levels are high in our house and I am soaking in every minute of this special time. I spent a lovely festive hour with my daughter yesterday creating a little Christmas garland for our fireplace. We huddled at the kitchen table with some Christmas music on and I was so glad I had planned this little activity. I thought I would share it with you as it was such a cheap, quick and easy project which looks cute and festive.

When I was Christmas shopping recently, I purchased some little packs of present toppers from Sainsbury’s and the little paper decorations you see above from Asda. I just thought they were cute and really reasonably priced so I couldn’t resist the purchase!


Home_Heart_Harmony_Christmas_Fireplace_GarlandI have been meaning to make a little decorative piece for our mantlepiece for a few years now. In the past, I had a lovely pre-lit garland but the lights failed a few years ago and I’ve never been able to find anything I really liked to replace it. This little idea came to me when I was wrapping presents the other day using the string and present toppers and I thought they were too pretty not to display somewhere.

Home_Heart_Harmony_Christmas_Fireplace_GarlandWe held the string up to the mantle piece and used it to measure out the approximate amount we would require for the garland to hang to the desired length. I then measured the string and counted the number of decorations we had. We divided the length of the string by the number of decorations and allowed two additional sections at the end for hanging. And voila! The garland was born!

Home_Heart_Harmony_Christmas_Fireplace_GarlandWe tied the decorations tightly using short pieces of the same string and then cut all the excess straggly bits off at the end. It was super easy but it did need two sets of hands! One to hold the string at the exact place and one to tie on the decoration. We wound the little snowflake lights (which are on a little copper wire and were a very ‘bargainous’ £2.50 from Primark) around the string and the whole thing is held up with two little tiny command hooks which are sticking to the underside of the mantle to avoid any mess.

Home_Heart_Harmony_Christmas_Fireplace_GarlandThe living room is looking pretty festive now although I am further behind with our decorating than ever before! I haven’t even got our Christmas wreath on the front door yet! It’s been a CRAZY few weeks with work, the kids’ activities, Christmas events and everything else, we just haven’t had a moment. We squeezed in decorating the tree last weekend between football, a swimming gala and a sleepover with the cousins. As is the tradition in our house, we had a drama with the fairy lights which involved two trips to the supermarket to purchase and then replace a faulty extension lead which we then discovered had blown two sets of 200 lights and a frantic scrabble around the house to find lights that did work! Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without a ‘tree decorating drama!’ don’t you find?!

How are your Christmas preparations going? I hope you are finding yourself more organised than me!! Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year. You can read about some of our Christmas traditions, find more Christmas crafts and catch up with all Home Heart Harmony ‘Christmases past’ here. (Just keep clicking on the ‘older posts’ link at the bottom of the page to browse all of my Christmas posts through the years).

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