2017 Diaries and Planners – My Top Picks!

Home_Heart_Harmony_2017_Diaries_and_PlannersIf you are a regular reader, you may have guessed (or actually read!) that I’m a bit of a stationery addict. There is something so satisfying for me about filling a note book or flicking through a perfectly organised diary. I know many of you share my obsession and in the last few weeks I have been spending a bit of quality time with the iPad conducting my annual search for the perfect diary. It occurred to me today that you may have been doing the same and I thought why not share my favourites with you all. You never know, there may be something here that solves your diary searching crisis!

I actually keep three separate diaries on the go throughout the year. I know it sounds excessive but it’s just what works for me and if I’m honest, it’s the act of writing things down that helps my terrible memory retain a tiny sliver of information from time to time!

My first diary of choice is a family planner. We keep ours in our hallway command centre and it’s always open at the correct point so that everyone can see what’s on the agenda for the current week. The one we are using this year is a ‘BusyB’ family planner and it has been absolutely perfect for us with a column for each person as well as a pocket at the start of each month where we keep invitations, letters from school about trips and activities for the relevant month and anything else that specifically applies to a particular month. Sadly, they don’t seem to be doing the same one this year so I’ve had to search far and wide for something similar. Here are some of my favourites:

Home_Heart_Harmony_2017_Diaries_and_PlannersBusy B Family Diary | Mum’s Office Big Family Diary | Rifle Paper Co Rosa Planner | Amelia Lane Life Planner

The second type of diary I use on a daily basis is a small handbag size personal diary which travels everywhere with me. I don’t know where I am without it so it’s pretty vital! This year, there are so many  cute ones out there but these are the ones currently topping my wish list:

Home_Heart_Harmony_2017_Diaries_and_PlannersBusy B To Do Diary | Gold Dots Diary | Cath Kidston Diary | Gold Spot Diary

Finally, I use a filofax style planner to keep track of all my work and blogging deadlines. I use this one and I’ve just ordered my 2017 refills. I prefer a week to a page view but obviously, the beauty of this kind of planner is the ability to use any refill you like. Here are a few of the ones that have caught my eye lately (oh, and Kikki-k are now shipping to the UK for £6!! Yay!):

Home_Heart_Harmony_2017_Diaries_and_PlannersRose Gold Filofax | Kikki-k Planner | Carpe Diem Planner | Color Crush Planner

Do watch out for the shipping costs on some of these though! Some of them cost more to ship than to buy!

So there we have it, have I inspired you to add one of these to your Christmas list? I am definitely adding a couple to mine! How are you doing with your Christmas prep? Mine has barely started and now I’m feeling a bit under the weather with a poorly boy as well so it looks like I may have to shelve my plans for the next few days 🙁

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