Goodbye Summer….

It’s September?! How on earth did that happen? Today is the first day both children have been back at school and I can confirm that I don’t like it!! I really miss them when they go back and the early starts are definitely my least favourite part of the term time routine.

I just thought I’d pop in with a little catch up and a few pics of our summer adventures. I can’t believe how quickly the summer has passed, it’s actually insane. We spent a good portion of it away this year which, of course, was so lovely but it did mean that the time just slipped away from us and we certainly didn’t spend as much time at home as we intended. Once we had taken out days for medical appointments, school uniform shopping, days with friends, childminding and packing for our time away, we’ve actually only been at home spending time together for a few days!!

Home Heart Harmony_Goodbye SummerWe spent our main holiday in Menorca this year. We have visited a few times before and it is such a beautiful island. This year we stayed in Arenal d’en Castell for the second time and it really is such an amazingly perfect spot. We really did take the opportunity to switch off, relax and recover which was fantastic. Now that the children are older, they are so much more self-sufficient and so we all had plenty of opportunity to read, chat and rest. It was just what we needed.

Home Heart Harmony_Goodbye SummerWe also had a real chance to stop and re-connect with the children, spending time in the pool and the sea with them, playing cards and actually having conversations which, it seems is something we need to work on making time for during the day-to-day craziness!

Home Heart Harmony_Goodbye SummerI also managed to whisk the children off for a few days to our favourite place on the south coast, and they had a fantastic few days by the sea with their cousins and Grandparents.

Home Heart Harmony_Goodbye SummerWe were very lucky with the weather the sea air did us all good. It was crazy busy but we managed to work around the crowds!

Home Heart Harmony_Goodbye SummerWe haven’t achieved much around the house due to the fact that we’ve hardly been here but we did purchase this cute little rug and bunting as well as a lovely clock, all of which you may have seen if you follow me on instagram.

Home Heart Harmony_Goodbye SummerThe clock is exactly what I was looking for and I think it fits the space perfectly. I have a few other plans to add a bit of character to this wall but the clock is a great start. I am one of those people that rarely rushes into a purchase. I like to take time searching and researching so that I know I’ve bought exactly the right thing. This often involves waiting a long time to stumble upon just the right item but when I do, it always feels like the wait was worth it. It does mean that our house is constantly evolving as I find just the right picture, shelf, piece of furniture or accessory but I quite like that, it keeps things fresh!

I always feel full of resolutions and good intentions in September, possibly even more so than I do in January. I think it comes from having time in August to dwell on what I’ve achieved over the year so far and feeling that I haven’t got very far!!! My plan for the rest of this year is to spend more time getting organised. I really need to have a large-scale clear-out. I seem to be constantly doing this but it is relentless. I am planning to spend some time in every room of the house and make a list in each of exactly what needs to be done. Then, the idea is to work my way through it! We still have some larger scale projects which I mentioned back in my 2016 home goals post so we may well be taking on one or two more intensive updates but we need to think about whether we can make those work both practically and financially!!

Here are a few more pics of our summer fun (lots of blue sky in this post – gotta take it where you can get it when you live in England ;-)…I hope you’ve all had a great summer, here’s to a productive Autumn!!

Home Heart Harmony_Goodbye Summer

Home Heart Harmony_Goodbye Summer


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