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Well hello there! I feel that I owe you some kind of explanation as to why I disappeared for a while there. When I started this blog, I swore that it would only move at a pace dictated by me and that I would not put pressure on myself if I didn’t have time to post for a while. However, you know when you have a friend and you don’t call them for a while? And then, you’ve left it so long to call, that you’re almost embarrassed to ever call again? That’s a bit how I feel. I was so grateful for all the lovely comments and messages I received after I posted the kitchen reveal, and I really have started to feel that there is something of a little community building around this blog so not returning for a few weeks has felt a little awkward #sorry

The short story is that this is such a busy time for me, personally and professionally, that I have just been rushed off my feet. Add to that the fact that we were almost ‘burnt out’ when the kitchen renovation was finally complete and the usual ‘end of the school year’ craziness and something had to give. And when that is the case, it can only be the blog – my family and my job have to come first. Thank you so much for bearing with me during the break. I’m hoping I will have some time over the summer to tackle some of the many, many projects on my ever-growing list and share them with you.

So, it seems I have some catching up to do. As I said, life has been busy so I thought rather than write several separate posts, I would bring you up to speed all in one go. If you’ve been following me on instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you may have seen snippets of all this.

Back in June, I was invited to the Laura Ashley Autumn/Winter press show and I got to have a sneak peak at some of their upcoming home and fashion ranges.

Home Heart Harmony_Life Lately


I had such a wonderful time mooching around the room sets and browsing the fashion lines. The above picture shows the ‘Ambleside’ range which featured my favourite colour so it caught my eye immediately!

Home Heart Harmony_Life Lately

I just love these cushions – and the fabric on that duck egg sofa was so soft!

Home Heart Harmony_Life Lately

The Modern Botanic range was also really pretty, there was a living room set at the show which I recently shared on instagram but the kitchen accessories were really cute too, I always love that Laura Ashley products are such great quality – everything felt really solid  – pieces you could easily imagine becoming family heirlooms.

Home Heart Harmony_Life Lately

This was the ‘Baroque’ range – the finishes were so luxurious – that mirrored tray on the footstool there was seriously calling my name! So many gorgeous things to see – definitely worth checking out next time you’re passing a Laura Ashley!

Home Heart Harmony_Life LatelyLater in June, hubby and I were able to head off for a long weekend away, thanks to all our family who took care of the children and animals for us. We were celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary so we used it as motivation to plan a ‘proper’ break in Spain.

Home Heart Harmony_Life Lately

We have never travelled far without our kids (who are now 10 and almost 13) so it really did seem strange leaving them behind. I did feel quite anxious about it but, following stern words from my little sis to ‘force myself’ to enjoy it and focus on this special time together, I tried hard not to miss them too much and with the help of ‘whatsapp’ and ‘FaceTime’ it was surprisingly easy!! We had a really wonderful weekend enjoying relaxing by the pool, chatting and drinking cocktails in the evening, exploring the local area and getting a taste of the real Spain (off the tourist trail).

Home Heart Harmony_Life Lately

So much yummy food! We weren’t sure what we were ordering from the Spanish menus but we managed to hit the jackpot every time!! There were several ‘squares’ within the city where groups of friends and families gathered in the evening to share a meal or a drink together and the atmosphere was so relaxed and happy, it was truly a fantastic experience and one we are very keen to repeat! (We’ll have to get saving our pennies for next year!)

Home Heart Harmony_Life Lately

June was topped off by a trip with my two sisters to watch Beyonce in concert (apologies for the grainy phone pic!) We made the most of it and all took the day off work to go shopping and have dinner together before the main event. It was such a special day, we always laugh so much when we spend time together and this was no exception! Beyonce was incredible, we have always wanted to see her so it was fantastic to get tickets and fulfil that dream. Feeling very blessed to have managed so much excitement recently, I assure you, my life is not usually so full of fun!!

Having said that, July is a very busy month in our house with lots of family birthdays mixed in with sports days, school productions, end of term parties, a hectic ‘work’ month and our annual family theme park day trip in honour of our daughter’s birthday. It has to be my favourite month of the year and I always look forward to it whilst trying hard to maintain a grip on my sanity in the midst of a crazy time! I find I have to be extra organised at this time of year just to keep up!

At home, we have taken some time out from major project work to do a bit of catching up – we had a conservatory and guest room chock-full of ‘stuff’ (and that is putting it mildly!) that had been cleared out of both our daughter’s room and the kitchen which needed to be sorted through and either put in its new home, donated or tipped. We have made ‘some’ progress but there is still a lot of work to be done so wherever we have a spare minute (ha ha!) we are trying to tackle a small section. This last weekend I spent all day Sunday clearing in the guest room and on Tuesday, I reclaimed my new ‘office’ by clearing out some boxes, re-instating my desk and ripping out the old, dog-chewed rug which had seen better days. It feels good!

Home Heart Harmony_Life Lately

In the kitchen, we have installed wooden blinds and our lovely new dining chairs have taken residence. We are so pleased with them and I can’t tell you how good it feels not to have to hold my breath every time a guest sits at the dining table for fear of the chair collapsing underneath them! Just need to get the curtains up around the french doors there and I think we can call it done.

So, I hope that’s brought everyone up to speed. I’m so looking forward to the summer holidays. As I said, I’m hoping I will have some time to get a few tasks completed and check in here every now and then to share some of it with you. Thanks so much again for bearing with me these last few weeks. Wishing you all a fantastic weekend and praying we get some sunshine (we’re supposed to be having a birthday BBQ for our daughter on Saturday so a dry day would be nice!) What do you think of the Laura Ashley ranges? Did anyone else see Beyonce recently? What did you think?

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    So lovely to see an update from you, we all understand life comes first! Your posts are always so interesting so thanks for letting us have a sneak peek into your life – the wooden blinds in the kitchen are just gorgeous, I am quite envious!

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