At last…the kitchen reveal!

Home Heart Harmony Kitchen Makeover RevealRight, I’m calling it done. It’s not done, (we still have blinds, curtains, dining chairs and a rug to come) but I’m calling it done so that I can finally share some actual pictures of our lovely new kitchen with you rather than just snippets here and there!

I should probably start by saying that we are really delighted with how the kitchen has turned out. I really feel that we have achieved the light and airy look we were hoping for whilst also creating a practical ‘heart of the home’ for our family. We are all so enjoying spending time in our new space and I already feel like this is going to be somewhere we will gather to create happy memories for years to come. It’s such a welcoming, open, airy room, it really does draw us all in and we feel that we want to spend time there.

I should possibly also point out that nothing in our kitchen has been ‘sponsored.’ We wanted to make sure that everything we chose was exactly what we wanted and I was very concerned that we should be free to take our time over this renovation and not be pressured by any deadlines (hence the fact that it has taken for…ever?!)

For local folks, we had our ‘second nature mornington beaded‘ kitchen in ‘porcelain,’ supplied and fitted by Creative Kitchens and Bedrooms. We cannot recommend them highly enough. They were knowledgeable, skilful, friendly and professional and obviously took great pride in their work. During both the design and fitting process, there was great attention to detail which saved us from what would undoubtedly have been serious errors had we been left to our own devices. (Things like, allowing for the range door handles to clear the cupboard doors so that we could actually open both(!), situating the glazed unit so that it didn’t smash into the pendant light when opened and the extractor hood having to be carefully modified to fit to an existing vent which avoided the need for an additional hole to be drilled on the exterior of our home!) In hindsight, I am SO glad we opted for a local, independent company. They were available whenever we needed them, able to call to site whenever it was required to solve an issue or answer a query and able to work around us whenever we needed to adjust the schedule to allow for appliance delivery, floor fitting etc. It was also a huge relief not to have to ‘project manage’ the renovation myself whilst being out at work – we were able to leave them to it and return home at the end of the day to see the progress. It was all very exciting!

I apologise in advance for the excess of images but I wanted you to get a feel for how everything fits together so there’s a photo from every angle!! I will do my best to share all the sources but please feel free to comment if I’ve missed anything and let me know what!

So, here (finally!) is the view that welcomes us when we come downstairs each morning.

Home Heart Harmony Kitchen Reveal

That’s the fridge freezer on the left there which is now encased in its very own unit (so, no more piling stuff sky high on top, there’s a little cabinet up there now). The glazed unit directly ahead makes my heart sing!!

Home Heart Harmony Kitchen Reveal

Here you can see the view from the breakfast room. The new fridge freezer is a joy as the top half is a double door fridge while the bottom houses two drawers of freezer space. It’s this one but we found it cheaper here (that’s actually more than we paid so do shop around as the prices are constantly fluctuating!) We have a new grey dresser from ‘Bedroom Furniture Direct’ at this end of the breakfast area and you can just see it sneaking in on the left there. More about that in a minute! The range is the ‘Nexus 110‘ from Rangemaster and we are very excited about it! It has already proven its worth having been responsible for many delicious dinners and hubby is particularly loving the hotplate which seems to cook everything thrown at it in minimal time with minimal clean-up. Win-win!

Home Heart Harmony Kitchen RevealWe had our radiator moved to make way for the dresser (I have always wanted to put one in this spot but was prevented by the placement of the radiator). We chose to add extra storage here as we knew we were losing some storage space in the kitchen with the range taking up additional space and the fact that we opted to do away with all of the full height cabinets we had previously, to create a more open feel.

Home Heart Harmony Kitchen Reveal

This is the view out towards the breakfast room from the kitchen. We are in love with the new flooring. It is the ‘mid limed oak’ from Karndean flooring and it is everything we had hoped it would be!! I love the way it sets the units off and we have added some texture throughout the kitchen and breakfast room with various wood tones and natural materials which work well against this multi-tonal floor.

I’m still in two minds about whether to re-instate the gallery wall above the radiator there or source an over-sized clock (I have discovered that you have to be very careful to include the ‘L’ in a google search for that one!!!) Time will tell.

Home Heart Harmony Kitchen Reveal

The large pull-down rinser tap and the basin are from ‘Blanco‘ and the small filter tap is by ‘insinkerator.‘ Both are the subject of much excitement as the pull down tap is great for spraying the dirt from plates and oven trays while the smaller tap has both cold filtered and boiling water at the pull of a lever – no more kettle cluttering up our new counter tops!! I was initially skeptical about both of these features (they were my husband’s choice) I was concerned that the boiling water would taste different and not be hot enough but it is both taste free and boiling! The spray tap is fantastic for blasting around the sides of the sink when I’ve finished washing up as well as for that ‘difficult to reach’ grime on pretty much anything else!!

Home Heart Harmony Kitchen Reveal

The table we are using at present was my parents old dining table and has been sitting in our garage for the last few years serving as our craft table! We searched and searched for the right table, but couldn’t find exactly what we were looking for. It dawned on us that this table was the right shape and size (even if the legs weren’t quite the style we were after) and was sitting right under our noses. We sanded the top down to get the more ‘rustic’ feel we were looking for and I’ve actually fallen a little bit quite a lot in love with it! I’m toying with the idea of painting the legs (either white to match the freshly painted radiator cabinet or grey to match the dresser.) We have an additional ‘leaf’ which can be added in the middle if we need extra room and for the time being, we are quite chuffed that this table is serving us well whilst also making our final budget figure look significantly more healthy!!

Home Heart Harmony Kitchen Reveal

And what new kitchen is complete without a new kitchenaid mixer?! None! (At least that’s what I told my husband along with promising that having a kitchenaid would magically transform me into a good cook – and guess what? I’ve already made several batches of vastly improved – and kid-approved – mashed potatoes thanks to a tip from the lovely Tamsin whose knowledge of such things is far greater than mine!)

Home Heart Harmony Kitchen Reveal

We opted for chrome switch plates to set off our grey tiles and I’m amazed what a difference they make. We have added chrome touches throughout the kitchen as a result of having finally decided on these chrome handles…

Home Heart Harmony Kitchen Reveal

which were really a back-up option after I failed to source suitable gold hardware. I have to confess, I am secretly very glad we went with the chrome, I really do adore their ‘shiny-ness’ and I don’t think I ever would have found matching light-fittings, taps and switch-plates had we gone gold (something I hadn’t really thought through at the time – bullet dodged!)

Home Heart Harmony Kitchen Reveal

Here’s a sneaky peak at the contents of our lovely dresser (which was on a steal of an offer and is fantastic quality despite being almost half the price of every other contender I found). It houses our ‘fancy crockery’ (the stuff we use when people come over) as well as my recipe books and all our ‘fancy glasses’. In the bottom half, there are two drawers which are home to my gold cutlery and our place mats and table linen, as well as two cupboards which are currently holding my cake stands and plate chargers as well as having plenty of room left for whatever additional storage requirements should crop up.

Home Heart Harmony Kitchen Reveal

The lights in the breakfast room were from Dunelm and were really reasonably priced. Those over the breakfast bar were found on eBay and also, we felt, great value. We are loving the ‘edison bulbs’ though I’ve been warned they can be expensive to buy so will need to bear that in mind.

Home Heart Harmony Kitchen Reveal

I’ve mentioned in previous posts, that the counter tops we eventually opted for were the ‘aluminio nube’ from silestone. The decision over which colour to choose was one of the most difficult in the whole process. These surfaces were a large portion of the investment in our kitchen and I was concerned that this particular stone would be darker than I wanted. I was so relieved on install day to return home and find that they were as light and shiny as I hoped they would be (possibly even more so). They actually look different in every light and from every angle (as these pictures show!) but we love them all!

I hope you won’t mind if I finish with a few more pictures…..

Home Heart Harmony Kitchen Reveal

Home Heart Harmony Kitchen Reveal

Home Heart Harmony Kitchen Reveal

Home Heart Harmony Kitchen Reveal

Home Heart Harmony Kitchen Reveal

We have ordered some charcoal grey, button-back chairs from Dunelm and some white wooden venetian blinds for the windows so there are still a few finishing touches to be added but for the time-being, shall we finish up with a before and after?


Our Kitchen

And After….

Home Heart Harmony Kitchen Reveal

Have you ever fitted a new kitchen in your home? How did you find the experience? I would love to hear your stories and any thoughts or questions you have about our kitchen renovation…

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TDC Before and After

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  1. Paula Evans says:

    Hi Sue
    Congrats on your fabulous kitchen – it is simply wonderful and definitely worth the wait and hard work!! Love your style, and I see you have kept your fav colour blue in there too!!!

    We are hoping to do ours after waiting 15 years to update it…its’ a big kitchen and we will have to gut it and maybe even knock out a few walls! The idea scares me to death and I don’t know where to start – but if it looks like even a fraction as nice as yours I would be delighted!!! Please keep your gorgeous pics coming!!! You have inspired me no end!!!

    Paula x

    • Sue Parfitt says:

      Thanks so much Paula, it has certainly been worth all the hard work! Good luck with your big renovation, it sounds very exciting!! xx

  2. Viv Moon says:

    Wow Sue it is amazing – so glad it all worked out so well in the end. It’s been a huge project but worth all the effort.

  3. organisedjo says:

    Oh wow, it’s wonderful and I am very jealous!! Don’t know where to start on what is my favourite, there is so much. Love the hints of grey and your dresser is gorgeous. You must be so so happy with the finished look.

    • Sue Parfitt says:

      We are, thanks so much for your lovely comment Jo. I am still trying to decide which bit is my favourite – I will be changing my mind daily for some time I think!! xx

  4. Caro | The Twinkle Diaries says:

    WOOP!!! OHMYGOODNESS!!! It looks AMAZING!!! Literally exactly what I’d choose for myself — even down to the wall-tiles I blooming love it. Cannot WAIT to do mine — although I think I’ll have a bit of a wait yet!! Love everything you’ve chosen Sue — it looks fabulous. Love, Love, Love.

    Love it. Can you tell?? 😉 Thanks for linking up 🙂 #HomeEtc — Caro x

    • Sue Parfitt says:

      Ha ha, thanks Caro, we r pretty pleased with it too! I will look forward to reading all about your kitchen update when the time comes! Xx

  5. Molly says:

    It looks wonderful! And lovely to see the before photo at the end – what a transformation you have achieved – you must be so thrilled. I’d go for the oversized clock over gallery wall (but either good). I’m very jealous, would love such a kitchen. #HomeEtc

    • Sue Parfitt says:

      Thanks Molly, I am so pleased to be finished with all he upheaval, it was all worth it in the end! I’m currently wondering whether I can incorporate an over-sized clock into a gallery wall in some way! Either way, I’m sure it will take me forever to actually decide!! Nothing happens quickly around here!! Thanks so much for stopping by xx

  6. mummyofboygirltwins says:

    Sue it is AMAZING!! Wow, you must be thrilled and so pleased now. It looks really high spec and you have finished it beautifully. Now enjoy it and having everything so sparkly!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for linking up #HomeEtc xx

    • Sue Parfitt says:

      Thanks Jess, we definitely are! It’s so nice to be straight again after all the upheaval but so worth the hassle. Xx

  7. Keira @ Dekko Bird says:

    Hi Sue, just came across your blog via #homeetc and I just love this kitchen makeover. What a transformation! We are in the midst of doing our own kitchen up and your colours are very similar to ours, plus we’re looking at wood laminate flooring so I must check the Karndean range out at our local stockist. Thank you for sharing this! Keira x

  8. Kari says:

    Sue, you have created a beautiful kitchen and dining space. I would love to buy a home with a kitchen that looks just like it and already completed. Renovations take forever at our house too! I think you could easily incorporate a large clock with your gallery. There is only one suggestion I have: how about extend that light fixture in the breakfast room so it hangs lower and over the table? Also, I thought your table looked perfect, before you said anything about your intentions to replace it. I don’t think you have to paint the legs either. I commend you for your careful planning and lovely vision for this space!

    • Sue Parfitt says:

      Thanks so much Kari for your lovely comment! I would have loved to have a big light hanging over the dining table (great minds!) but it would have meant moving the existing light fittings and patching up the ceiling and hubby just didn’t think it could be done cleanly enough without re-plastering the whole ceiling which he wasn’t prepared to do so I had to let go of it and keep the lights where they were (pick your battles eh?) Actually now that I look back on the project I think we should have probably gone ahead and done it while we were in a state of upheaval! Hindsight is a wonderful thing! Thanks for stopping by xx

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