Our Top Ten IKEA Purchases

Home Heart Harmony Top Ten IKEA Purchases Main ImageThere is so much going on at the moment, there just isn’t enough time in the day to blog about each and every thing. I feel I owe you another kitchen update since work is now well underway and lots of decisions and hard graft have been put in to that space since I last wrote about it. Also, if you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you will have heard my big news that tomorrow (Wednesday) I am guest posting over at the Laura Ashley blog where I will be sharing the full reveal of our daughter’s bedroom update – seriously exciting stuff.

However, so that the blog isn’t all about room updates and nothing else, I thought I would take a little detour today inspired by a recent trip to IKEA. Whilst wandering the showrooms there, it occurred to me that so many of the emails and messages I receive asking me where certain items in our home came from relate to items purchased in IKEA, that it may be helpful to gather all the information together into one post.

So, for those that have asked, here are some of our favourite IKEA purchases and where we have used them in our home (note, this is not a sponsored post, I’m just sharing the IKEA love….):

  1. HEMNES Shelving and Desks

Home Heart Harmony Top Ten IKEA purchasesOur children’s bedrooms are both kitted out with HEMNES furniture and we love the way items can be combined to create a number of shelving options. In fact, we’ve just added a slim-line chest of drawers to our daughter’s room to provide her with additional storage for all her belongings whilst not overwhelming the room with furniture. There’s a sneak peek of the new bedroom in there too 😉

  1. KVISSLE magazine racks

Home Heart Harmony Top Ten IKEA purchasesI absolutely love these clever little helpers for gathering up all our loose papers and keeping them relatively organised until it’s filing day (which seems to happen about once every six months at the current rate!) We have used the KVISSLE racks in our hallway command centre as well as in the children’s bedrooms where they are labelled by day from Monday to Friday to keep their school books and papers ‘at the ready’ to grab in the morning rush. We used Martha Stewart bookplate labels to categorise.

  1. LIATORP Tables and sideboards

Home Heart Harmony Top Ten IKEA purchasesWe don’t actually have any of these but I always recommend the coffee table when people ask me about our coffee table which has now been discontinued. I’m also currently considering the sideboard for our kitchen, which I think would deliver a smart, sensibly priced option for storing our tableware and linens.

  1. SMARASSEL Storage Boxes (and new TJENA boxes, some of which have dividers)

Home Heart Harmony Top Ten IKEA purchasesThese little boxes are a lifesaver when it comes to hiding away our clutter and keeping us organised. We have used them in the children’s bedrooms, on display and hidden away in their wardrobes as well as to organise our DVD collection and keep our video games and controllers ‘under control’ (see what I did there?!)

  1. KALLAX Storage

Home Heart Harmony Top Ten IKEA purchasesWe currently have a KALLAX unit with DRONA inserts keeping our shoes from tripping us over and I am seriously considering another unit for our spare bedroom. The situation in there is OUT OF CONTROL and I’m thinking only a ‘wall of storage’ is going to help us!

  1. SKUBB drawer organisers

Home Heart Harmony Top Ten IKEA purchasesWe use these little wonders in all of our bedroom drawers to separate our socks and underwear as well as in cupboards to keep our CD’s together and just to have somewhere to gather little bits and pieces that don’t have a home elsewhere.

  1. MOPPE Mini Drawers

Home Heart Harmony Top Ten IKEA purchasesI up-cycled a set of these little wooden drawers to provide a pretty home for our daughter’s hair accessories, make up and jewellery a while back and they certainly served her well. Click here for the ‘how-to’.

  1. GODMORGON Drawer Organisers

Home Heart Harmony Top Ten IKEA purchasesI have used these in our bathroom cabinets for first aid items and medicines. The fact that they are clear means we can instantly see the items we need in an emergency. They also provide great storage in my desk drawer where they separate all those little stationery items such as paperclips and drawing pins.

  1. Faux Plants and Plant Pots

Home Heart Harmony Top Ten IKEA purchasesI have developed quite a reputation around here for failing to keep plants alive and after years of trying, I have finally conceded defeat. I do however, love the look of plants to add a bit of life and colour and thanks to IKEA we can still have the best of both worlds. We have recently used their faux-plants in our kitchen window and in our daughter’s new bedroom to provide some character and interest. Do beware though, they are perhaps not quite as cheap as you might expect so it’s best to check the price before piling your trolley too high! The one in this picture is £6. For plant pots, look no further than the ‘SOCKER’ plant pot for a mere 95p! We added ribbon to ours to tie them into our colour scheme! The KARDEMUMMA pots are also great value at £1 and fit with any room scheme.

  1. Candles

Home Heart Harmony Top Ten IKEA purchasesI’ve mentioned my love of candles many times before and IKEA is one of my go-to shops for scented tea lights. They are so reasonably priced that it’s almost impossible to walk past that lovely scent without picking up a pack – does anyone else find that they always come home from IKEA with scented tealights? Great for cosy winter evenings or for using in your little lanterns in the garden when the summer comes!

So there you have it – ten of our favourite IKEA purchases. I could go on and on (I haven’t even started on their glasses, crockery, napkins and tea-towels which are ALWAYS on our shopping list, to say nothing of the lighting, picture frames and bedding!) Maybe I’ll have to do another whole post some time down the road!

What do you make of IKEA? Do you love it or hate it? I can’t help but love it for the quality and price but if I had an endless budget, I would probably opt for something more unique. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments….

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