Girl Bedroom Update (Part Two)

Home Heart Harmony Girl Bedroom Update (Part Two) CoverIt’s been too long (again!) I hope you all had a lovely relaxing Easter and have managed to enjoy some of this more spring-like weather we’ve been having. We have been super busy with projects at home as well as celebrating some family milestones and I seem to be struggling to get healthy after a series of colds and viruses which seem to strike at around this time every year. (Possibly because I haven’t stopped and instead of resting and recovering, have been scrabbling to finish everything I started around here before my family have me ejected from the property for creating so much devastation!!)

Whilst I fear my blog is becoming nothing more than a series of ‘not there yet’ room updates, I do feel that if I don’t write about this stuff, it’s just me disappearing while I project and then coming back a few weeks months later with the finished room so I may as well tell you about what’s been keeping me so busy!!

I have spent the vast majority of this last fortnight stripping wallpaper, prepping, painting and wallpapering. It’s not glamourous, or indeed exciting, but it is progress. Our daughter’s room is actually virtually finished and I can’t tell you how excited I am to be collaborating with Laura Ashley on this update. Laura Ashley is absolutely one of my very favourite home brands. I feel that the style of their products just suits my tastes exactly and when you see this room completed, I’m sure you will see why I have been over the moon to use their beautiful designs in our home once again.

Home Heart Harmony Girl Bedroom Update (Part Two)Here is a little ‘sneak peek’ of where we are to date. I’m just faffing over the finishing touches. I’ve changed my mind a few dozen times about the finer details (curtains, bedding, soft furnishings etc.) Here is a list of things we needed to do to get to completion of our daughter’s bedroom update and, purely for my own satisfaction (because I’ve been working so hard!) I’ve crossed off everything that is now done:

  • Clear room out
  • Remove carpet
  • Remove curtains and curtain pole
  • Remove blind
  • Fill holes and prep walls
  • Install faux-panelling
  • Paint panelling
  • Wallpaper top half of room
  • Make/buy curtains
  • Source chair
  • Purchase chest of drawers
  • Have new carpet fitted
  • Re-install blind
  • Re-install curtain pole
  • Hang curtains
  • Add pictures and accessories

Our daughter moved back into her new room on Sunday night and she is completely thrilled with her new space. I can’t believe how much of a difference these updates have made. It feels so much bigger, lighter, more grown-up and airy. I will be sharing all the details on the Laura Ashley blog soon so be sure to check back for details of the final reveal.

Thank you so much for sticking with me and being patient while I work away behind the scenes. I have been so pleased to receive lots of reader emails lately and it really does mean so much to know that there are such lovely people out there enjoying hearing about what we’re doing and being a part of this lovely little community that is developing. I appreciate each and every person that reads my ramblings so please, do stay in touch and keep me updated about updates happening in your homes and lives too.

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