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Home Heart Harmony Decorating InspirationSince updating our son’s bedroom last year, I often get reader emails asking me for boys bedroom ideas, wanting to know how I started out planning his room and what inspired my decisions. I thought I would take some time today to touch on this topic and share my tips for planning and decorating a new space in your home.

Get Inspired:

Scour the internet for design inspiration! Read design blogs, follow inspiration sites on social media and make sure you are constantly mentally noting (pinning, bookmarking and saving to lists!) anything you think would suit your home and tastes well. A great resource for ideas that I have recently discovered is ‘homify.’ Click on the link further down to see what I mean.

Often, I will spot a particular item I really love and use it as the basis for the entire scheme. In our son’s room, it was those striped curtains. We had seen multiple images during our research and quickly agreed that a pair of striped curtains was in our future!

Plan your budget:

Consider what you already have, how it can fit into the space and plan which purchases you need. From here, establish what’s left to spend on anything else you want to add. (It’s important to note whether you’ll need to hire any professionals for tasks beyond your own skill-set and get quotes for necessary work.)

Create a Floor plan:

Think about how everything will fit into the room by sketching out a floor plan, incorporating all the necessary furnishings and storage.

Agree a colour scheme:

Think about the amount of space and natural light you have. Naturally dark rooms will need a lighter scheme. We spent a lot of time researching boys bedroom ideas with our son, discussing what he liked. Together, we picked out looks we loved and agreed on a general colour theme. We wanted to keep the walls light, bright and neutral (due to the north-facing aspect) so we decided on pale grey and white on the walls (to allow those bold curtains to really pop) with some red accents for added interest.

Source your purchases:

When you have decided what you need, research each purchase to make sure you are getting the best possible price.

Home Heart Harmony Decorating Inspiration

Get Started:

Now that your planning is done, it’s time to get cracking! My top tip is to do your research well. Spend plenty of time planning and don’t make the mistake of rushing into your project only to regret the decisions you made. It can be very expensive and there’s nothing worse than working hard for weeks, spending your entire budget only to feel that you still haven’t ended up with what you wanted.

What are your decorating inspirations? Do you have a process like us or do you just dive in? I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions.

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  1. Christina - Ladybug Home & Design says:

    I am still in the phase of trying to deal with endless toys and children that get into everything. I am currently brainstorming on a plan on create an office/craft room in our dining area. I think a lot of inspiration comes from pinterest. Then time to measure and create a “wish list”. Thank you for sharing your decorating process with us.

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