Things I’m loving lately – February

Home Heart Harmony - Things I'm loving lately - FebruaryWell, even with an extra day, I didn’t get this post in under the wire! I can’t believe how quickly February whizzed by, I know it’s a short one but even so! February has actually been quite kind to us. We’ve seen a fair amount of sunshine, there’s been plenty to keep us busy and, well, half term!

I hope you’ve had an enjoyable month. If you’re interested, here’s what we’ve been loving this last month:


The Catcher in the Rye

Home Heart Harmony - Things I'm loving lately - FebruaryThis month, my book club read was ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ by J.D. Salinger. I’ve always intended to read this book but never got around to it and I’m so glad I have. It’s actually quite short and really easy to read (for anyone who has been putting it off thinking it might be heavy going!) The story is told from the perspective of a teenage boy and I found the tone of it really unique, refreshing, amusing and also, a little bit heart-breaking. As the Mother of a fairly-soon-to-be-teenage boy, I felt like I wanted to wrap the main character up and look after him. I can see why it became popular with teenagers, despite having been written for adults. It’s definitely worth reading.

Sycamore Row

sycamore-row-2014Having finished my book-club read uncharacteristically early, I’m currently reading ‘Sycamore Row’ by John Grisham which is the long-awaited sequel to ‘A Time to Kill’. I am a massive Grisham fan and have read every book he’s ever published. I’ve been dying to have a moment to get to this one. It’s been too long John!


Visiting the sea-side

Home Heart Harmony - Things I'm loving lately - FebruaryWe spent a lovely couple of days having the cobwebs well and truly blown away at the coast last weekend. What is it about being by the sea in the winter? Listening to the sound of waves crashing into shore while being whipped around by the wind and the rosy cheeks and bright eyes on my kids’ faces when we stop to warm up just makes my heart skip a bit. It was cold and windy but the sun shone here and there and we absolutely adored being out in the air, walking the pup and spending some quality family time together. We usually get away every couple of months but it’s been a good while this time which made it all the sweeter when we finally got there! Absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

We had a lovely, restful half-term. The children were both really exhausted so we didn’t plan too much, just a couple of days with friends and a night out watching our little niece’s dance show which was completely gorgeous and make her soppy Auntie cry (no surprises there!)


No Escape

No Escape[via]

One for the grown ups. This is Owen Wilson’s latest film and my goodness, it wasn’t his usual style! It was seriously intense, full on action from the first moment to the last. I nearly had to turn it off at one point, it was SO stressful! It’s about a family who are relocated to an unspecified location somewhere in Asia. They very quickly find themselves right in the middle of a terrifying military ‘coup’ which sees any foreigners found, dragged into the street and killed. Their attempt to escape a violent end is nail-biting stuff. Definitely worth a watch but do note that it’s a 15 certificate – and for good reason.

The Good Wife

The Good Wife[via]

Oh Alicia, we have missed you! ‘The Good Wife’ is one of my absolute favourites. Does anyone else love a good US legal drama? I feel that ‘The Good Wife’ has almost filled the gaping hole left in my life some time ago by ‘The West Wing’. Sadly though, this current season is the last. If you love legal drama and you haven’t seen it yet, get yourself the box sets and crack on! You won’t be disappointed!

Fixer Upper


What can I say about Fixer Upper? It is nothing short of an obsession for me – and (bonus!) the children are fans too (which means I can get away with watching it pretty much whenever!!) It’s a property renovation show and each episode, a new home is transformed from ‘shack to show home.’ I LOVE Chip and Joanna Gaines and their humour, style and approach to life. The transformations are always jaw-dropping and every time I watch it, I am beyond inspired. This is SO what my husband and I should be doing – we have the exact skill set, just minus the cash!! (Darn it!)

It seems we have done a fair-bit of TV watching this month!! Oopsie!


Home Heart Harmony - Things I'm loving lately - FebruaryWe had friends over for dinner a couple of weeks ago and I tried this new dessert recipe. Since the ladies among us were trying to keep our new year health resolutions alive, I went with a weight watcher’s recipe for white chocolate and strawberry mousse which I hoped would be one of those desserts you could pass off as indulgent while quietly congratulating yourself on not *actually* over-indulging! Turns out, you really couldn’t!! Whilst it was o.k, it definitely tasted like a ‘diet’ dessert – even with the white chocolate. It wasn’t all bad though – it satisfied the sweet craving and they did at least look pretty!! Can I also just tell you how obsessed I am with my new GOLD cutlery?! Agh! I love it. My sisters each gave me a set for Christmas and I am constantly looking for excuses to get it out and drool over it (not literally – don’t worry – if you come to ours for dinner, it will all be sparkly clean!! 😉 )



Home Heart Harmony - Things I'm loving lately - FebruaryFebruary is of course, the month of Valentine’s. We don’t usually go too over-board with Valentine’s celebrations. I find it an uncomfortable day during which people who don’t have a significant other are almost ‘punished’ for being on their own (even if this is their choosing) while those who do, get to be all smug about it! However, I don’t wish to be a party pooper, so when hubby mentioned Valentine’s day, I suggested a little lunch out on the Friday before in lieu of gifts. I happened to have a day off work which was unusual for a Friday and we arranged to meet at a local restaurant while the children were at school. This is such a rarity for us, it felt like a real treat and we had a really yummy meal and some un-interrupted, relaxed conversation which was just lovely. I’m definitely going to suggest doing this again if the opportunity should arise.

So, that’s mostly what we’ve been up to this month. What have you been doing? Anyone do anything spectacular? Or did you spend it watching back to back episodes of ‘Fixer Upper’ like me?!

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  1. Donna says:

    I used to absolutely love John Grisham books years ago – you’ve given me the push to start reading them again – it sounds like you had a lot to love in February x

    • Sue Parfitt says:

      Thanks Donna, I haven’t read a John Grisham for a while either, I had forgotten how much I loved his books! Enjoy!! xx

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