Girl Bedroom Update (Part One)

Home Heart Harmony Girl Bedroom Update (Part One)Since we decorated our son’s new bedroom, our daughter has been very vocal about how much she would love to have her room updated too. The last time we decorated this room, we did it as a surprise for her 8th birthday (she wasn’t allowed so much as a peep around the door until the morning of her birthday, it was all very exciting!) However, our 8 year old is now 12 and speeding headlong into her teens. As a result, suddenly, the choices she made when she was 7 are no longer that appealing! We have changed her furniture more recently and she even had a new desk hutch for Christmas so she is happy with the contents of her room but it definitely feels a bit shabby in there when compared with her brother’s shiny new bedroom. This is pretty much how things look now…(only generally, a great deal messier!)

Home Heart Harmony - A Tasteful Teenage BedroomAs it happens, an exciting collaboration opportunity has arisen (more information to come!) and, whilst we are still very much in the throes of planning and getting work started on our kitchen, this stroke of good fortune gave us the push we needed to try to squeeze our daughter’s bedroom update in before work actually begins and we are thrown into complete chaos!

So, what is the plan? Since we completed the panelling in our son’s room, our daughter has been very keen to have the same in her room but, when we were wandering around the wallpaper section of a DIY store recently, she mentioned how pretty it would be to have wallpaper above the panelling and I agree that this would probably look very striking. Having the panelling on the lower portion of the wall would give us the opportunity to use something more ‘busy’ on the top half without having to worry that it may be overwhelming. Here is the panelling on one wall of our son’s bedroom. We love how the bright white makes everything so airy.

DIY 'Faux' Panelling How-to

So, with this in mind, we’ve been discussing colours and finishes. We currently have a duck-egg coloured living room and we all agree that the colour is so relaxing and calming – perfect for a bedroom you might say! Our daughter, who has always had some trouble in the ‘relaxing’ area has decided this would be a perfect colour for her new room-scheme.

Home Heart Harmony - A Tasteful Teenage Bedroom

So, we’ve been looking at duck egg wall papers, curtains, bedding and accessories. I suggested a pop of peachy/pink to complement the duck egg so we’ve been looking at accessories in those colours to add a bit of interest.

As usual, I’m hoping to keep the budget to a minimum for this update. As before, the biggest expense will be the carpet. We have wanted to replace the bedroom carpets since we moved in but budget has never allowed. We have decided to go for exactly the same carpet we’ve used in our son’s room (you can just see it on the bottom right of the picture earlier in this post). We are so delighted with it. The colour, feel and quality are exactly what we were hoping for and we feel it will fit with what we have planned for this room too.

There is one further area which may prove expensive and that is the wardrobe. We are considering replacing the doors with something white. We are currently waiting for a quote to do this so our decision will depend on the outcome!

So, those are the plans as they stand. Obviously, as we move along there may be changes and variations to our ideas but I’ll be sure to keep you informed.

What do you think of the colour? Good choice for a relaxing retreat? Let’s hope so!

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Home Heart Harmony Girl Bedroom Update (Part One)



  1. Caro | The Twinkle Diaries says:

    Exciting! I bet she’s thrilled at the thought of her room getting the same kind of treatment as her brother’s!! That was my favourite makeover by far, last year!! 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up with us Sue — much appreciated x #HomeEtc

    • Sue Parfitt says:

      Thanks Caro, she is very excited (maybe not as excited as her Mama!) I had got kind of sick of that bold pink floral wallpaper!! Thanks so much for hosting xx

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