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Home Heart Harmony Organised DVD'sWe finally have an organised DVD collection! In my recent blog birthday post, which was also a round up of the last year, I was inspired by my weekly organising challenge posts (catch up on those here) to do a bit more sorting around here! I could really do with challenging myself again but at the moment, with so many projects in the planning stages, I don’t think it’s practical. Perhaps I could aim to organise something each month?! Why is clearing out and getting organised such a relentless task?! I feel like we are never, ever on top of things!

Anyway, back to the DVD’s! The motivation behind getting this project completed was that we are intending to have a bit of a change-around and turn our ‘den’ into an office space. Both my husband and I bring work home with us every now and then and with that, the blog and our own home paperwork, it will be very useful to have a space which is dedicated to ‘work’ rather than having to sit at the kitchen table and move every meal time, which is what we currently do.

We have a large storage unit in our den which will lend itself perfectly to our study but it’s currently full of board games and craft supplies.

Before - our DVD's occupied an entire cabinet

Before – our DVD’s occupied an entire cabinet

When I thought about where these things could go in our new set-up, I remembered that we had a whole cupboard full of DVD’s in our living room which could easily be condensed if we took them out of their cases and stored them in plastic sleeves. I had previously organised all our DVD’s into these white IKEA boxes but as you can see, our collection has since grown and this system was no longer working.

I have been contemplating re-organising our DVD stash for some time and, I know it sounds ridiculous but the thing that was stopping me was the fact that if I wanted to sell any of our DVD’s on, they would sell better in the original case.

I decided this was a ridiculous reason to prevent a more streamlined storage system so I have boxed up all the cases for now and put them in the loft. If we do decide we want to sell some of our DVD collection, we can just dig out the ones we need. (Incidentally, this will never happen. Why do I never learn?!)

So, moving on…

Home Heart Harmony Organised DVD'sI ordered these clear plastic CD / DVD sleeves from Amazon and used some IKEA storage boxes we already had to reduce the space our DVD collection took from 8 larger boxes (plus overspill) to one small box.

Home Heart Harmony Organised DVD'sIn order to ensure we could find the film we needed within a few seconds, I made dividers using scrap-booking paper. I cut the sheets to the correct size using a template and laminated each one. I labelled the tops using clear tape in my label maker.

Home Heart Harmony Organised DVD'sHappily our entire collection of board games fits comfortably in the cupboard space with our DVD’s and we now have a lovely free shelf in our craft cupboard (along with lots of empty white IKEA storage boxes ready to organise our office supplies when we are ready for them!)

How do you organise your DVD’s? Do you feel they take up too much of your valuable storage space? Does anyone even watch DVD’s any more?!! I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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Home Heart Harmony Organised DVD's


  1. Jennifer says:

    That’s a great solution, I love your pretty dividers. The thought that I might want to sell or pass on DVDs always put me off removing them from their cases but as long as you’ve got space out of sight to store the boxes then it works well. We actually ‘got rid’ of all our DVDs a couple of years back when my husband transferred them all to our server thing. I say ‘got rid’ because most of them are still sitting in a bag in our wardrobe waiting for him to take them to CEX or similar to sell, I just gave all mine to the charity shop because I couldn’t be bothered!

    • Sue Parfitt says:

      Ha ha, yes, I know that situation well!! I usually drive around with charity boxes in the boot of my car for about six weeks before I make it to the shop!! Thanks so much for stopping by Jennifer xx

  2. Wendy French says:

    Inspiring idea, just emptied our tv cabinet to paint it, am thinking of doing the same with all of our dvds, had forgotten just how many dvds we have! your system looks much easier than trying to sift through all the boxes to find the one you want. Thank you for inspiring me. xx

    • Sue Parfitt says:

      Yes, I did consider the binder option but didn’t go with it for exactly the reason you gave, I wanted the DVD’s to be stored in alphabetical order and I knew I wouldn’t keep up with sorting the binder out each time I added a new one. Thanks so much for stopping by Jess. xx

  3. Becky says:

    Wow, Sue, as someone who is big on organising, I absolutely LOVE this, what a great idea! We have so many DVDs I don’t know what to do with them all, I may have to steal this! #homeetc

  4. Louisa says:

    I think it’s great how you’ve organised them. I do love pretty storage ideas. We have very few dvds left now, the Mr is in the process of downloading them all to the pc. As much as this saves space it’s not quite the same as having them in your hand is it? #homeetc

    • Sue Parfitt says:

      It’s a tricky one isn’t it? We don’t really use our DVD’s all that much now (though I have to say, now that they are easier to access, we are using them more) but I can’t imagine ever getting all of ours onto the PC (and not sure I could sacrifice that amount of storage) so this seemed like a good way to hang onto them without having them take up so much space. And there’s something to be said for having your most favourite films and TV series to hand and knowing you can watch them whenever you want. (I love a bit of nostalgia!) Thanks so much for stopping by xx

    • Sue Parfitt says:

      Exactly! I am so chuffed I bit the bullet and went ahead (despite hubby’s reservations!) as we’ve free’d up so much useful space in what will be our study and I’m sure we will need every inch of it! xx

  5. booandmaddie says:

    I so need to do something like, we have two big cabinets of DVDs in our living room from back in the day when people bought DVDs and I don’t have the heart to get rid of them. Great solution X #HomeEtc

    • Sue Parfitt says:

      Go for it! It would break my heart to get rid of all our DVD’s and this means I can hang on to them without having to devote masses of storage space to them! xx

  6. Caro | The Twinkle Diaries says:

    You are SO organised!! They look fantastic! I got to the point that I hated ours so much, I sent the majority of them to the charity shop. I figure that we watch most of our TV and film on SKY or Amazon now, so I’m *hoping* I won’t regret my decision later down the line!! 😉 Thanks so much for linking up! #HomeEtc is live from 6am tomorrow — I hope you’ll be able to join us! xx

    • Sue Parfitt says:

      I did consider doing that myself, we have so many other ways of watching a film these days but I am a bit of a sentimental soul and it felt a bit sad to cast them all off (though I did donate a fair few to charity – mostly children’s films that my two have grown out of *sob*) They’ve been given a reprieve for now!! xx

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