Kitchen Dreaming (Part Two)

Home Heart Harmony Kitchen Dreaming (Part Two) Title ImageWell, it’s been a long while since I shared my kitchen inspirations with you and talked about our plans to replace and extend our kitchen and I feel like we’ve changed our minds 100 times about what to do in the meantime. We have decided that the moment has now come to make some decisions. Our oven, dishwasher and fridge-freezer are all seriously about to kick the bucket and if we don’t do something soon, we will finish up having to buy new appliances that we don’t want in our new kitchen purely because they fit in our existing one.

Let’s just refresh our minds with a few pictures of what we’re aiming for:

Inspiring - Kitchen Heaven at 'Sunny Side Up'

Inspiring – Kitchen Heaven at ‘Sunny Side Up’




The combination of the white and grey cabinets in this picture with the dark flooring and those fab geometric rugs is exactly what I’m thinking about.

Home Heart Harmony Kitchen Dreams (Part Two)

I adore the gold handles and white and grey cabinetry in this kitchen from Studio McGee. I have spent far more time than I should have researching gold handles but alas, again, it seems the UK suppliers are coming up short. I have come across these and these but I’m not 100% sure they are what I’m after.

Home Heart Harmony Kitchen Dreams (Part Two)

I love the glass doors and white work surfaces in this one. I never would have imagined having a white work surface, but I think they can work really well with grey cabinets.

Home Heart Harmony Kitchen Dreams (Part Two)

See what I mean?! This picture is from the range master website though that is the not the Toledo range we have been looking at. I love the general look though and that subtle grey is lovely.

We’ve spent the last few weeks touring kitchen showrooms, discussing the finer details of what we like and don’t like and have now actually attended some design consultation appointments which is all very exciting. I feel that, whilst we have compromised hugely by deciding not to extend, our kitchen dreams are still alive and kicking! We just had to adjust our expectations slightly!

Our main sticking point has been finding exactly what we are looking for. We both had some quite specific ideas about what we wanted but it seems that UK kitchen suppliers do not provide it! (Typical of me to pick something unattainable!) I suppose we could get it exactly right if we had a bespoke kitchen but that is just not in our budget. The main thing I wanted in our new kitchen was some nice, glass fronted cabinets on the top half that look like this:


However, my desire to find these cabinets ran into a brick wall when paired with my husband’s stipulation that the kitchen doors must be solid wood – no veneer, laminate or even spray painted MDF was acceptable. Unfortunately, each and every time we found the right style door, it turned out not to be solid wood. I could probably have lived with this, but hubby felt strongly enough about it to use the ‘kitchen veto’ and since he doesn’t have many demands, I thought it would be unfair to insist. His reasons for this were partly that our cat has really made a mess of the lower units in our current kitchen and he feels that with solid wood, we would at least have the option to sand down and touch up any damage (which is a very valid point!)

So, I did a bit more pinterest surfing and when I re-discovered this pin I saved ages ago….

Home Heart Harmony Kitchen Dreams (Part Two)

[image from House of Turquoise]

I suddenly felt better about having plain glass doors! I think we will have to find a balance between glass and wood as the insides of all our cabinets will not exactly be ‘display quality!’

The only other requirement from hubby was a ‘nice range’. He is generally the cook around here and he is quite excited at the prospect of having a serious oven and hob. He’s looking at a Rangemaster Toledo. I prefer the Nexus but it’s a bit pricier. If anyone has any recommendations for a great range, I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

Home Heart Harmony Kitchen Dreams (Part Two)

[The Rangemaster Toledo]

Having received a few designs and quotes, I think we have agreed on which kitchen we will opt for, but there are just a few changes and tweaks I still want to make (of course there are!!)

Then there are all those other decisions to make – flooring, tiles, colours, storage options etc. It suddenly feels like, after 11 years of waiting, this might actually happen! I’ll be sure to keep you informed!!

Do you have any kitchen renovation tips you would like to send my way? It’s a long time since we last installed a kitchen and from what I remember, it’s a complete nightmare! Any advice gratefully received.

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  1. Kara says:

    I have no tips never doing it myself, but I would say go with classic look doors as handles can be changed for pence.

    Love your choices, grey and white are perfect for a kitchen in my view x

  2. Lisa@intotheglade says:

    Oh this happens to me too, I see things online and then can’t source them in this country – not good! You have some beautiful kitchens there, ours is white with dark work tops and dark flooring, I love it. I don’t have any advice sorry, but I do wish you luck xx

    • Sue Parfitt says:

      Thanks Lisa, yes, I always encounter that problem, I don’t know why the UK retailers don’t seem to catch up with the online trends very quickly! I’ve been for several kitchen design appointments and when I mentioned gold handles, they all looked at me as if I’d gone mad! I’ve ordered some samples now but sadly they arrived damage which didn’t help me fight the gold handle cause with the husband!! Thank you so much for stopping by xx

  3. booandmaddie says:

    How exciting!! Gosh I hadn’t really thought just how many decisions there are to make, I don’t envy you and can’t wait to see how it turns out X #HomeEtc

    • Sue Parfitt says:

      Yes, sometimes too much inspiration! I am struggling really hard to make a decision! There are just so many lovely kitchens out there! xx

  4. Caro | The Twinkle Diaries says:

    I can’t WAIT to be in the same boat as you and begin to plan our kitchen!! I’ve said it before but our tastes are very similar when it comes to kitchen design! Pale grey and white is definitely at the top of my kitchen wishlist too! xx Thanks so much for linking up with us 🙂 #HomeEtc

    • Sue Parfitt says:

      Thanks Caro, I cannot actually believe how hard it is to make the final decision!! I am literally paralysed with indecision!! I think I’m probably driving my family mad changing my mind every 30 seconds about it! ARGH!! I just need to decide already!! xx

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