20 ways to get your home ‘Christmas Ready’

Home Heart Harmony 20 Ways to get your home Christmas ReadyDecember is upon us and while there are still a few weeks to the big day, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be starting to feel the ‘pre-Christmas anxiety’ setting in! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas but I am a big procrastinator. I have always maintained that I perform best when under pressure but…that doesn’t mean I enjoy staying up till 3am every Christmas eve trying to get things finished.

Last year, I made a rather impressive list (if I do say so myself!) about a week before Christmas splitting down all the things I needed to do by day. It helped me SO much to make the most of the week without stressing out and ensured I had allowed plenty of time to spend with the children doing those heart-warming Christmas activities that we all love so much. This year, I would like to have less of that last minute pressure, spend as much time as I possibly can enjoying my children and family and maybe even sit and watch a Christmas film or two with a ‘Bailey’s’ and ice!

So, this year, I’m hoping to get a headstart on some of the ‘last minute’ things now, while the kids are at school and I still stand a chance. And because I love you, I’m sharing my plans with you so that maybe you can get a headstart too?!

So, here (interspersed with some of our recent Christmas memories) are 20 things you can do now, to get your home ‘Christmas ready’ which should save you some stress and panic later…

1. Make your list (and check it twice?!) Split all your tasks out by day/week so that they seem less overwhelming.  Most importantly, don’t forget to assign some of those tasks to the other people in your household – if everyone pitches in now, you all get to enjoy time together doing fun festive things when the time rolls around.

Home Heart Harmony 20 Ways to get your home Christmas Ready2. Give your kitchen a good clean now. Do the oven, get in behind the microwave, (clean inside the microwave!) empty the crumb tray on the toaster, clean out the bread bin, wipe down your cupboards, get rid of anything you haven’t used in ages, organise your drawers. You’ll be glad you did in a couple of weeks!

3. Wash your guest bedding, and make sure you have a spare set ready.

P1050113Home Heart Harmony 20 Ways to get your home Christmas Ready4. Tackle your ‘clutter zones’ one every other day. We all have those areas in our homes that seem to gather clutter. If you can, try to sort through one every couple of days to avoid the need to do them all at once further down the line.

5. Have a (small-scale) toy clear-out. Now is the time to make a bit of extra room for all those presents that are on their way. I’m not suggesting a full-scale purging session, just a bit of a push to make some space. It’s helpful to break the task down into smaller chunks if you can. Maybe a toy box here, a storage cupboard there?!

IMG_5122Home Heart Harmony 20 Ways to get your home Christmas Ready6. Get out your best table linen and ‘spot treat’ any stains, then give it a good wash and iron to make sure it’s all fresh for the big day.

7. Hire a carpet cleaner and get shampooing! You’ve probably been meaning to do it all year (I know I have!) Just a note though. This time last year, we hired a carpet cleaner and shampooed our living room rug. It never recovered. We finished up having to buy a new one a few weeks later. As it turns out, I don’t think rugs take too kindly to being soaked!

Home Heart Harmony 20 Ways to get your home Christmas Ready8. Buy roasting tins and oven dishes if yours are on their way out. Ours are definitely getting past their best!

9. Clean out your fridge and make meals from the contents of your freezer to make room for all those extra Christmas dishes.

10. Stock up on batteries ready for all those new toys and gadgets.

Home Heart Harmony 20 Ways to get your home Christmas Ready11. Buy some pretty new drinks coasters and dot them around your living space so that guests always have somewhere to set their glass down.

12. Do all those little niggling repair jobs you have been putting off for months. Fix your wobbly loo seat or dripping tap, get the boiler serviced and make sure everything is in smooth working order. The last thing you want to be worrying about on Christmas Eve is the fact that you have no hot water or the oven’s on the fritz.

13. Check your crockery and cutlery. Do you have enough for everyone coming? Remember to allow for any starters, desserts and of course, the main event.

Home Heart Harmony 20 Ways to get your home Christmas Ready14. Sharpen your knives (or get someone to do it for you) ready for the Turkey carving!

15. Give everything a good dust and polish before you put up the Christmas decorations (if you haven’t already!) It’s so much more difficult to get to all your surfaces once you’ve covered them in cards and trimmings!

16. Pull your furniture out and get the vacuum in behind. Also, take the cushions off your sofa to get rid of any crumbs and pet hair. It’s probably a good idea to vacuum your mattresses too since you’re probably getting hot and bothered anyway!!

Home Heart Harmony 20 Ways to get your home Christmas Ready17. Set aside half an hour each evening to write cards, wrap a few presents or do a bit of online shopping. That way, each day you will be a step closer to being organised and ready to roll!

18. Book a slot for your online grocery shop and checkout just enough items to keep it! This way, you can add things to your shop as you think of them and, even if you finish up having to go to the supermarket, at least you won’t have to buy quite as much! (Or go back again for all the bits you’ve forgotten?!)

19. Stock up now on essentials like kitchen and toilet roll, pet food, condiments, cold medication, washing powder, dishwasher tablets, washing up liquid, hand soap and anything else you will really need but won’t want to have to rush out to buy.

Home Heart Harmony 20 Ways to get your home Christmas Ready20. Focus on those areas in your house that people will actually ‘see.’ Now is probably not the time to tackle clearing out the garage or attic or for starting a new decorating project! It’s time to drill down to the jobs that really need doing so that you’re not adding additional stress to your Christmas build up!

And don’t forget, prioritise time with your kids and your family. Christmas comes but once a year and soon, your little ones will be all grown up and you’ll want to treasure those memories you made with them….you probably won’t be wishing you’d spent more time cleaning the house!!

You can read about my favourite Christmas planning tools and apps here, find a tutorial for fingerprint reindeer Christmas cards here and see our 2014 Christmas build up here.

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How do you prepare for Christmas? Or are you already sorted? I can’t imagine why I seem to leave everything so late every year! I think I must just really want to embrace the Christmas spirit!! Have a great weekend. Thanks so much for reading. Until next time…xoxo!

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  1. Robyn says:

    Wow, this is a very comprehensive list! My favourite tips are to check the linen and stock up on batteries – they’re exactly the sort of things I’d forget to do in the hustle. We normally have Christmas at my mother’s house, which is quite nice because I don’t have to organise too much except for a couple of dishes to contribute to the evening meal. #twinklytuesday

    • Sue Parfitt says:

      That’s the way to do it. We have always had Christmas at Mum and Dad’s until the last few years. We now take it in turns so every other year there’s the chance to take a bit of a back seat! To be fair, my hubby does all the cooking on Christmas Day so that takes the pressure off me! I can’t believe how quickly it’s coming around! Have a great one and thanks for stopping by xx

    • Sue Parfitt says:

      Ha ha! Me too! I should probably do at least SOME of the things on this list right?! Since I’m the one that wrote it! I’d better get on that!! 🙂

  2. Lucy says:

    Great post! Although I’ll admit number 2 made me groan, the sodding oven! We’re not hosting this year but I should probably do it once we’re home as it’s probably about a year since it was last done!! Great tip on decluttering. I’m a bit of a declutterer by nature but inevitably there are times where other things take over and we’re overflowing with unnecessary ‘stuff’! X

  3. Lowanda J says:

    This is a great list of tips. Too bad I’m a single-mom, empty-nester. So I don’t have anyone to share the duties with, but it does help to get everything organized. I’ll have to try this next year. So many things I need to improve on to get ready for Christmas. Thanks for sharing at #TwinklyTuesday

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