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Hey! Happy Saturday everyone, I hope you are all having a lovely day. When my children go back to school each September, I always finish the summer holidays with such good intentions to be organised, not let time race away from me, spend more time listening to the children read, make sure they are in bed at a reasonable hour every night, get up early and make them healthy snack pots and packed lunches every morning, cook a balanced meal each evening and sit together discussing our day while we eat. When I have these thoughts during those lazy summer days, I can see no reason at all why I wouldn’t be able to achieve those objectives. In that moment, I honestly believe that this year, things will be different.

Well, within a week, it’s usually all gone out of the window and I am scrabbling around looking for packets of fruit flakes for snack time because I didn’t get the shopping done when I was supposed to and shoving a pizza on the table for the children at 6.30 while necking a cuppa-soup because we have to be somewhere else by 7.

So far this year, it hasn’t been quite so bad. I talked some time ago about my very forgetful memory and the fact that I use a week-by-week planner just to keep my head above the water! I would be drowning in a sea of missing permission slips and forgotten lunch boxes if it weren’t for the planner and the whole family now relies on this little list every day.

Our planner lives on the notice board in our Command Centre and we all double check it before leaving the house in the mornings. I can’t tell you the number of times one of us has had to whizz back upstairs or out to the kitchen to grab something that would have otherwise been forgotten. You can have a read of my original post about the Weekly Planner here.

Home Heart Harmony Weekly Planner 3

At the risk of a bit of repetition, this weekly planner has saved my neck on countless occasions. I use it to record events like non-uniform day, cake sales, celebration assemblies, sports tournaments and themed days so that I don’t forget to send the children to school wearing or bringing the correct things and I know when I have to collect them at different times or places and if there’s something else that may get forgotten! With a memory like mine, you can never be too careful!

Home Heart Harmony Weekly Planner

When I originally posted about the planner, I offered to send the excel file out by email to anyone that thought it may come in useful and I was inundated with requests! So, for those that are interested, I have slightly tweaked and re-designed the planner this year and it’s working better than ever.

The idea behind the tweaking was to allow extra room for anything out of the ordinary. At present, I have all of our regular weekly activities included on the electronic planner and I add extras in by hand. For example, every week, our daughter goes to a ballet class and our son goes swimming but if there is an extra rehearsal or a gala, I would squeeze that information in as well and there wasn’t really enough room. So, from Monday to Friday, I’ve added an additional row for activities that are outside of the usual weekly comings and goings and headed it ‘Extra’.

Home Heart Harmony Weekly Planner 2

I’ve also taken the date out of the first column and just left a blank box to insert it by hand. I just find it easier to write in the date than change it on the spreadsheet before printing each week.

Home Heart Harmony Weekly Planner 5

And, because I love all my wonderful readers, here is a blank PDF version just for you to download and use as you see fit. I hope it saves you from disaster as many times as it has us!!

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  1. mummyofboygirltwins says:

    You are SO organised! I literally want to be you! Yay for getting on top of tasks and all the planning! I love your Command Centre. I want one! I am a ‘wing-it’ kind of girl but like to be organised as much as I can. Great sharing xx

    • Sue Parfitt says:

      Thanks Jess, I find I have to be organised to compensate for my terrible memory. As a Mum, I feel so guilty if I forget something the children see as important. I still manage to forget stuff, even with all my systems in place!! Good job my hubby has a good memory or we’d never get anywhere!! xx

  2. Neri Ann says:

    Im not into planners. But I have a DIY notebook where I jot down our expenses and schedules for the twins. My old planners have old recipes and crochet patterns on it. He He He.

    PS: I love the frame!



  3. Sugar&Rhubarb says:

    I am so envious of how organised you are!! Since having baby number two I now realise the complete need to get my act together! I just ordered a Mums Diary and can’t wait to start using it. Otherwise my brain just feels like a complete fuzz of appointments but without any clarity as to what’s actually happening. I think having great outlines for the week will make life that bit easier and that bit more enjoyable too!! Your PDF will be great to have on our kitchen wall so that everyone knows what’s going on too!!

    • Sue Parfitt says:

      Thanks so much. I actually have this weekly planner, a personal diary which I take everywhere with me and a family planner which stays permanently at our ‘Command Centre’ and details everyone’s appointments and activities. I try so hard to keep up with everything but I still manage to forget things! My husband (who does not struggle with the same memory issues!) finds it hard to believe but there we are, I’m doing the best with the tools I have!! 😉

  4. Caro | The Twinkles Mama says:

    You are SO organised Sue!!! A’m in awe of your skills!!! We don’t have a planner — I’m *just* about getting to grips with a calendar!! I think when the boys are older — and have classes, parties and activities planned, I’ll be coming to you for advice 😉 Thanks so much for linking up with us xx #TwinklyTuesday

    • Sue Parfitt says:

      Ha ha, I look forward to it! I’m only organised because I have such a disastrous memory!! I have already forgotten a meeting and one of my son’s after school clubs this week – and I had them written down!!! That’s how bad it is! Fortunately, I remembered both in the knick of time! (Getting there by the skin of my teeth this week!!)

  5. Andi says:

    Grear idea. I swear by a calendar but think this is a great thing to have right by the front door! Like the way you have put it up too, in the frame. Makes a useful item decorative!
    Can I ask too where your dining table cover is from? I think it’s sopretty? Is it wipe able?
    Thank you

    • Sue Parfitt says:

      Hi Andi, thanks. The dining table cover is a wipeable oilcloth. It’s a Clarke and Clarke fabric and I got it from eBay. It’s called ‘English Rose Grey’ Thanks so much for reading xx

  6. Allison says:

    Hi! Lovely center! I’m admiring your family person art sign! Would you mind sharing where you purchased it from? We’re adding another child.. our last, so this sign would be perfect now. Thank you!

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