Boy Bedroom Update (Part Two)

I thought it was about time I updated you on our son’s bedroom progress, it has been so long since we started making plans to move him into our larger guest bedroom I’m sure you’ve all been expecting the final reveal for weeks! You can read more about the inspiration for this room change here and my first update here.

Unfortunately, we have been plagued with problems which have delayed things so it’s all taking forever. First up, we bought a new bed for our own bedroom and got rid of our old guest bed. We moved our bed into the guest room intending to get rid of it as soon as our new bed was delivered at which point we would forge ahead with the decorating.

Thank goodness we weren’t that efficient! Within 2 days of taking delivery of the new bed, it was broken and we were back sleeping on our old bed in the guest room! I won’t bore you with the long story but basically, the delivery driver broke the bed as he assembled it. I heard the crack but the driver didn’t seem bothered so I assumed all was ok until 2 days later when the wood frame underneath the bed completely split and the bed collapsed.

We had waited 3 weeks for the original delivery which had already set us back, then it finished up being another 8 (yes, 8!!!) weeks for the new section to arrive before we could finally move back into our own bedroom. But it wasn’t to be! The same evening the new bed arrived, both the children went down with stomach bugs and it was several days before we felt safe to return to our sparkly new bed!! The joys of family life eh?!

Secondly, I have been holding out for the right paint colour. We had decided the three I showed in my last update post just weren’t right. I really wanted a light grey which had a blue tone to it but finding the right colour has proved more difficult than I thought it would. Especially within budget. £50 for a tin of paint is just never going to fly with my husband I’m afraid!

So, I’m left trying to colour-match to get the colour we are looking for without actually getting it colour-matched!! I think we have finally arrived at the right colour. It’s the one on the bottom left here (Ignore the purple, that was a colour we had specially mixed at our local hardware place. It was supposed to be grey and when we arrived home, we opened it to discover it was purple! We tried it just to be sure it didn’t dry ‘greyer’ but no, it was definitely purple!)

Home Heart Harmony Boy Bedroom Update (Part Two)

I have also found it impossible to source the curtains I had been hoping for. Remember these I spotted over at Blooming Homestead?

Home Heart Harmony Boy Bedroom Update 2

I just have my heart set on them but it turns out they were hand sewn. I have searched all over the internet and I can only get something similar shipped from the US which is obviously extremely costly. I’m wondering if I can draft Mum in to help me achieve a similar look. Otherwise it’s back to the drawing board. I’m thinking plain navy might be o.k but I already have concerns that this north-facing room may be too dark so I’m still searching. All suggestions gratefully received.

The colour scheme used by Marie over at Blooming Homestead is really what I’m going for in this room, even the paint is just right!

So for now, we have spent this last week clearing the room out (which has not been an easy task given that it is used quite a bit for storage). We are nearly there and planning to get going tomorrow filling holes and painting the ceiling. Here’s the list I shared last time with a few more items crossed off:

  • Order Carpet
  • Order / Buy Paint
  • Order wood for panelling
  • Order trim for panelling
  • Sell wardrobe and chest of drawers
  • Paint remaining chest of drawers
  • Sell guest bed and mattress
  • Move desk, bedside cabinets and bookcase into new guest room
  • Remove curtains and curtain pole
  • Remove picture hooks
  • Fill holes from hooks and curtain pole
  • Fit ‘faux’ panelling
  • Paint walls
  • Paint panelling
  • Paint door and skirting
  • Order/make new curtains
  • Order rug and accessories
  • Hang curtain pole and new curtains
  • Have carpet fitted
  • Move bed, desk and bookcases from our son’s current bedroom to the new one
  • Swap contents of wardrobe and storage cupboards between old and new bedroom
  • Hang pictures

That’s where things stand as of today. Sorry I don’t have anything more exciting to share with you! I can’t wait to start bringing you updates as the work progresses. Fingers crossed there are no further set-backs! Do let me know if you come across anything similar to those curtains anywhere! (Click the post title and scroll down to comment).

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  1. Rachel @ The Ordinary Lovely says:

    Blimey, it’s not been an easy ride, has it?! I’m going to tackle our bedrooms next year. I’m waiting until both boys have started school so I can hopefully get a bit more done during the day. Those curtains are gorgeous. I can understand why you’re holding out for something similar. Hope you come across some.

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