Lovely Lyme Regis

Whoa, it’s been too long!! I missed you! I hope you have all been enjoying every moment of your summer?

I’ve taken some time over the school holidays to relax and be with the family and I made the decision that I wouldn’t put pressure on myself to blog regularly while the children were at home. Well, today, I have the house to myself! Both children have gone off to spend the day with their friends and it just happened to coincide – that almost never happens does it?!

I so love blogging. Every day I’m not blogging, I’m thinking about blogging and I do miss it very much. You could say I’m a little bit obsessed! So, I thought while I had a moment, I would pop in and bring you up to speed on what we’ve been doing with ourselves.

The chore charts have been working really well and both children are still motivated to keep going. We didn’t expect them to do chores while we were on holiday so they’ve had a bit of a break which has helped but the help I’ve received from the children has certainly made for a more amicable time around here!

We have spent the last couple of weeks in lovely Lyme Regis. I have mentioned our love affair with Lyme before but this holiday was slightly different as we were joined by various different family members including nieces and nephews which seemed to make the time whizz by!

Home Heart Harmony Lovely Lyme Regis

We had a mix of weather – the first week was mostly good and the second week, less so! The kiddo’s are at an age now where they are starting to want to spend lots of time in the sea body boarding and playing games. They don’t really need as much input from us any more although, I’m not comfortable with them being in the water without an adult so, while my husband did the lion’s share (he is so good about getting in the water with them), my sister and I did dare to brave the freezing water temperatures as well!! I have to say, I find it very hard to let the children enjoy the water. Even though they are both strong swimmers I get so stressed about something going wrong, I almost can’t bear to watch. This is when I have to hand the reins over to their Dad and not watch! Otherwise I finish up spoiling everyone’s fun and ruin my own day as well as everyone else’s. Are there any other Mums out there who have struggled with that this summer? I’m willing to bet there’s a few! (Sorry this is such a bad quality image, I just love how it captures the fun! I’m not sure if all these children are even ours!!)

Home Heart Harmony Lovely Lyme Regis

I always feel like the people of Lyme make such an effort to make it a wonderful place to visit. During the summer they hold a ‘Lifeboat Week’ which is full of fun activities and events as well as a ‘Carnival and Regatta’ week which is also a jam packed calendar of experiences for the family. During Lifeboat Week, the ‘Red Arrows’ usually come and do a display which is just mind blowing. If you have never seen the Red Arrows, you should really make an effort to do so – it’s so worth it. Unfortunately, this year, the weather spoiled everyone’s fun and the event had to be cancelled. Boo!

Home Heart Harmony Lovely Lyme Regis

I took this picture back in 2011

However, Carnival and Regatta week (which runs less than 2 weeks later), was better. The weather was mostly good. One of the events I haven’t seen before was the ‘Walk of Light.’ If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen a picture. Basically, whoever wants to join in can gather in the gardens behind the main parade and get a ‘torch’ to walk in procession through the gardens and down to the beach (If you are thinking of getting involved in this next year, Parents beware, the torches are just large sticks that are set on fire). We happened to stumble across the procession as we were leaving a restaurant one evening and it was magic! This photo was taken from the other end of the beach and shows the procession moving down through the gardens.

Home Heart Harmony Lovely Lyme Regis

Gradually, the torch carriers begin to gather on the beach…

Home Heart Harmony Lovely Lyme Regis

Once everyone arrives at the sea shore, each person takes their turn to throw their torch onto a large beacon which grows and grows as all the torches are added.

Home Heart Harmony Lovely Lyme Regis

The atmosphere for all of this was electric. The weather was warm and the night grew darker and darker until all you could see were the flames and the lights on the building at the end of the historic Cobb.

We enjoyed some gorgeous days on the beach. The sun did come out for us and we were able to make the most of the good days.

Home Heart Harmony Lovely Lyme Regis

The only problem with visiting such a beautiful and popular holiday spot however, is that it does get slightly busy…

Home Heart Harmony Lovely Lyme Regis

Some days, you could hardly move on the beach – the weekends are especially busy as people come for day trips and things can get hectic!

I did manage to grab a quiet moment or two though. It was particularly nice that while the children were having lots of fun with their cousins until far too late at night, they did sleep in the next day, giving me a chance for a cup of tea and a quiet moment with my book in the morning…

Home Heart Harmony Lovely Lyme Regis

Hubby and I also managed to get an evening out without the kids while they stayed with my sis and when you have a view like this over dinner, you can’t really complain!

Home Heart Harmony Lovely Lyme Regis

We tried our hands at Mackerel fishing and we must have hit a good day because the fish were in plentiful supply.

Home Heart Harmony Lovely Lyme Regis

All the children really enjoyed this activity and whilst the thought of it was not something I was particularly excited about, seeing the children’s faces light up when they caught a fish, I quickly started to enjoy myself too. (Though my daughter and I did struggle with the fact that these poor fish were going to end up on a dinner plate – we apologised to every one we caught!)

Home Heart Harmony Lovely Lyme Regis

Funnily enough, this mackerel fishing excursion took place on the exact same day that we sailed off on our sunset cruise in South Carolina last year. There were some stark differences!!

Home Heart Harmony Lovely Lyme Regis 1

Very slightly greyer! And yes, it was raining just a bit! We did have fun though and the kids probably enjoyed it almost as much!

I could go on all day about the joys of Lyme Regis but I’m sure I’ve bored you quite enough already. We have done virtually nothing around the home this summer and I am itching to get started. Hubby has a fairly strict policy that he won’t do home improvements when the weather is nice (and that happens so rarely, I can’t really say I blame him). However, I do feel a bit like we are cursed with our projects of late. Hopefully, I will have some sort of progress to share with you very soon and I can update you then about all the trials and tribulations that have impeded our efforts!

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    • Sue Parfitt says:

      Definitely, it’s a fab little place. We keep talking about Geocaching, haven’t tried it yet. Thanks for popping by xx

  1. Chloe says:

    oh I used to live here! This has bought back so many lovely memories. I loved lifeboat week and regatta week. They’re so much fun. What a shame the red arrows were cancelled this year. They’re so incredible. I’m glad you had a lovely holiday. 😀 xx #twinkytuesday

    • Sue Parfitt says:

      Oh lucky you! We often talk about how we will move to Lyme Regis when we retire, I think it would be a lovely place to relax and step off the hamster wheel! There’s the that big hill that might cause a problem…xx

  2. Elaine @ Entertaining Elliot says:

    Oh wow how busy does it look on the beach!! I visited Lyme Regis a few years back (we live in Poole so it was on our way home from the west country) and the beach was deserted…it was November mind 😉 it’s a lovely place though xx #twinklytuesday

    • Sue Parfitt says:

      Yes, I think that was one of the busiest days we’ve encountered in Lyme yet! We love it even more in the winter 😉 xx

    • Sue Parfitt says:

      Yes indeed Jannie! 10 years ago now since we were there together! Can you believe that?! Lots of memories have been created in that time I can tell you! xx

    • Sue Parfitt says:

      Thanks Caro, yes it’s a great place to visit with the littles and worth checking out what’s on over the summer months as they have lots of lovely events taking place xx

  3. Tyrell Waroway says:

    My family all stayed at the Royal Lion which was very accommodating. The rooms were beautiful and we did have the perfect day becasue we were ablt to blot all the bad bits out and the lovely ladies and reception member of staff in the morning really made me feel so much better.

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