Holiday Chore Charts

Home Heart Harmony Holiday Chore Charts 6Well, the summer holidays are here at last and I’ve been notably absent ever since! The first week of our break was very chilled out and it was just what we needed. We spent a couple of days away with family and since coming home, apart from a meet up or two with friends, we have just stayed at home catching up on things we had been meaning to do for weeks. We can now officially see what colour our bedroom carpet is again! Hurrah!

I love having the children home from school during the holidays and always feel really sad to see them go back but, like every other family in the world, we have moments when I’m absolutely sure my children are competing to see who can be first to make my head explode! In the interests of avoiding any mess this would incur, I have drawn up ‘chore charts’ for the kids this year. Nothing serious, just a bit of a hand here and there to avoid aforementioned explosion.

I’ve told the children that if they can keep up with these chores, at the end of every week there will be a ‘chore check.’ If I’m satisfied that everything is done, there will be a monetary reward. (We are putting the ‘Mum Bucks’ system to one side for the holidays, I felt like we needed something fresh to get everyone motivated! And yes, I am shamelessly bribing my children #don’tjudgeme)

Here are their chore charts:

Home Heart Harmony Holiday Chore Charts

Download a free blank version for your own use here

I’ve tried to keep it to the basic things I would expect from them (but the ones they seem to ‘forget’) as well as a few daily and weekly tasks to take the pressure off me a bit. I think they are more than capable of doing everything on their lists (they are now 12 and 9) and these are the small things that make a big difference to the overall state of the home. I don’t want to spoil their holidays by overloading them but they do need to understand that in order for me to have time to take them for days out and do the things they want us to do together at home, they need to pitch in and free up some of my time for the fun stuff.

Home Heart Harmony Holiday Chore Charts

I printed off a chart for each of the children, gave each one a coloured background and laminated them so that each chore can be ‘checked off’ with a dry wipe pen. We have put a copy of each chart on the fridge along with a whiteboard pen so that the kiddo’s can mark each item off as they go and I will wipe clean the ‘daily’ section each morning so they can start again. I have to say, perhaps I’ve passed down the love of all things ‘organised’ but both of my children are incredibly excited to get going with their chart! Let’s see how long the novelty lasts! 😉

Home Heart Harmony Holiday Chore Charts

So, here we are, all set for a summer of harmony and un-exploded heads! I am really hoping for some better weather in the next few weeks. The start of the summer holidays has been a bit of a disappointment to say the least – I had envisaged ‘days in the garden by the paddling pool’ but it’s been more like ‘days snuggled under a blanket on the sofa’ so far. We are ‘stay-cationing’ this year so my fingers are very much crossed for an improvement.

Please forgive the lighter posting schedule over the summer, I will pop in here and there with an update or two but I am so aware that my children are growing fast and every minute they want to spend with me now is precious!

Has anyone else got any top tips for getting the children to help out around the home during the holidays (or any other time!)? I would love to hear about them in the comments.

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  1. Jenna says:

    This is a very good idea and to be honest I don’t think you are asking all that much of them. If they can learn to clear up after themselves and help around the house now, it puts them in good stead for the future. 🙂

    Popping over from the #HomeEtc linky

    • Sue Parfitt says:

      I agree, I feel it’s part of my duty as a Mother (and future possibly Mother-in-law!) to get them helping out around the house! I completely want them to relax and enjoy their summer hols but they need to do a bit here and there to ensure we are all able to enjoy time together too. Thanks so much for stopping by! Xx

  2. Rachel @ The Ordinary Lovely says:

    This is a genius idea! My boys are only two and four but I think that next year, they might be ready for a little list. Even with simple things like out their shoes away and make their beds. And doesn’t it help when it’s presented prettily? I love that x

    • Sue Parfitt says:

      Aw, thanks. I think making things look pretty is the key to making them work! And the kids love ticking off their items with the whiteboard pen – everyone’s a winner!

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