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Home Heart Harmony Painted Chest Update

Well, progress has been slow in our son’s bedroom as we spent the weekend moving furniture out, which had a knock on effect everywhere! We knew we were going to need some extra storage space in the garage to get this project completed so we ordered a new shed (which we’ve been meaning to do for ages) to house some of the things currently stored in the garage. Of course, we had to wait for the shed to be delivered and then it needed to be assembled so what with that and the painting project I’m about to talk about, the week has run away from us once again!

Home Heart Harmony Painted Chest

This chest of drawers which I mentioned in this post was one we had made for us a good few years ago. It was originally untreated pine but it went to live with my niece for a few years and my sister had it painted white. I liked the white but after years of use by both my niece and then us again, it was in urgent need of a new coat of paint.

Home Heart Harmony Painted Chest

The unit will now be in our son’s new bedroom and as such, I decided white paint wasn’t the way to go. His furniture is all from IKEA and the shade of the wood is called grey/brown. I definitely didn’t want to paint this chest brown so I thought it would be best to pick out the grey tones of his existing furniture and paint this one a dark grey. This colour is called ‘Grey Steele’ and it’s from the ‘Colours’ range at B&Q. It’s a water-based Satin finish. I really wanted to update the drawer pulls as well so I took off the old ones and replaced them with these antique brass effect ones. I think the antique brass looks great on grey and I’m so pleased with how the unit has turned out.

Home Heart Harmony Painted Chest

For those that are interested in the process, I sanded the unit first using a palm sander and then used two coats of a primer/undercoat to make sure all the imperfections were well and truly a thing of the past. I finished up using two further coats of the grey but for the top coat, I used a mini micro-fibre roller to get a better finish. Each coat didn’t take that long but I did allow plenty of drying time between each one so it’s taken a few days (probably a week actually by the time I finished it). I have to say, the micro-fibre roller was a game changer. I had intended to use one from the start but I didn’t get around to ordering it until I was half way through the process. The roller made the job so much quicker and easier and the finish was better too. I wish I’d had it earlier in the process!

This chest will give our son additional storage (as he will be losing a full height fitted cupboard in the move) and will also provide an extra surface for all his gadgets which will mean his desk can remain much clearer for homework and drawing (he is a keen little artist). He has desperately needed an extra surface for some time so he will be delighted with this, I’m sure.

Home Heart Harmony Painted Chest

When I showed him the finished chest today, he was really excited about it, he loves the colour and the drawer pulls were his favourite part. I can’t wait to get the room done now. I think it’s going to be a slow project though. We have SUCH a busy few weeks coming up with big family birthdays, weekends away and the end of the school year. We are just going to take it a bit at a time and not put pressure on ourselves.

Why don’t we just finish with a quick before and after?

Home Heart Harmony Painted Chest Before and After

Has anyone else been updating furniture lately? I do love it when a piece of furniture can be given a whole new life with just a lick of paint.

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  1. connie says:

    great job – im about to paint the same type dresser the same color question, did you paint the sides of each drawer and the back of the dresser?

    • Sue Parfitt says:

      Thanks Connie, I painted the sides of the drawers but not the back. Good luck with your painting project! 🙂

    • Sue Parfitt says:

      ☺️ thanks Caro, I love the fact that you can give a piece of furniture a whole new lease of life with a simple coat of paint. I’ll definitely check out your IKEA chest post, I love a good IKEA hack! (Who doesn’t?!)

    • Sue Parfitt says:

      Thanks Caitlin, I am so pleased with the result – makes me want to take that grey paint to everything in the house! xx

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