Boy Bedroom Update (Part One)

I thought I would give you all a little progress update today on our son’s bedroom (not that there’s much to tell!) I am planning to do update posts as we go so I thought I had better start somewhere and tell you what needs to be done (purely so that I have the satisfaction of crossing things off the list as we go!)

Last weekend we took ourselves off to find a carpet for this room (as well as a bed for ours, but more on that another day!) We decided (for the first time ever) to go with a deeper pile carpet. We usually go for something with a shallow pile because of the fact that deeper pile carpets always settle and go a bit flat anyway but this room is not going to get a great deal of traffic and our son was really keen to have something extra soft underfoot so we thought ‘why not?’

We picked a neutral shade which will go with anything we decide to put in the room going forward so hopefully it will last a while. So, here is the list of what needs to be done from now…

  • Order Carpet
  • Order / Buy Paint
  • Order wood for panelling
  • Order trim for panelling
  • Sell wardrobe and chest of drawers
  • Paint remaining chest of drawers
  • Sell guest bed and mattress
  • Move desk, bedside cabinets and bookcase into new guest room
  • Remove curtains and curtain pole
  • Remove picture hooks
  • Fill holes from hooks and curtain pole
  • Fit ‘faux’ panelling
  • Paint walls
  • Paint panelling
  • Paint door and skirting
  • Order new curtains, rug and accessories
  • Hang curtain pole and new curtains
  • Have carpet fitted
  • Move bed, desk and bookcases from our son’s current bedroom to the new one
  • Swap contents of wardrobe and storage cupboards between old and new bedroom
  • Hang pictures

That’s a big list. One step at a time. Deep breaths! I think the next step is to choose a paint colour. As I explained before, we are planning to ‘faux panel’ the bottom half of the room and paint it white. We love the look of panelling as I shared in a previous post and our son is keen to try it out in his room.

I am having a bit of a quandary over the paint colour for the top half of the room. I wanted to go with a pale bluish grey but I couldn’t see anything I liked in any of the ranges we felt were good value for money. My next resort was the Dulux colour-match service and as I said in my last post, I was leaning towards two particular shades of grey (they were ‘Mineral Haze 3 and Grey Steel 3’). However, when we reached the DIY store on Sunday, after spending waahaaay more than we had intended on the new bed and being unpleasantly surprised by the cost of the carpet, hubby was looking a little strained and I could see that the cost of a large tin of Dulux colour-matched paint was making the veins in his forehead bulge. I suggested a quick tour of all the other brands to see if we could find something similar. We were, afterall, at a different and much larger DIY store than we had been when we got our original paint colour charts.

To cut to the chase, we picked 3 shades of regular, un-colour-matched paint, bought testers and (after spending much more time searching for the children than the paint) retreated to the checkout. All supplies of both good behaviour and patience had clearly expired for the day. It was time to call it quits.

Home Heart Harmony Boy Bedroom UpdateHere are the testers on the wall of the room in question. They are all much more blue (bluer than they look in this picture) and less grey than they appear to be on the front of the tester pots. However, before I run off to spend more money on testers, I think I will see what our son thinks. I think either of the bottom two might actually be o.k. (Since he has been hankering after blue from the beginning and they do both have a tinge of grey which might make them a good compromise.)

In the meantime, Hubby has measured ordered MDF to be cut to size for the panelling. (We looked at real wood planks at the weekend but they were expensive and I’m slightly concerned that the knots will show through the paint so MDF might be both cheaper and better.) We have already bought white paint for this part.

Home Heart Harmony Boy Bedroom UpdateI’m planning to paint this chest of drawers this weekend (as you can see, the last paint job has seen better days.)

Home Heart Harmony Boy Bedroom UpdateI’m going with a darkish grey so I’m looking forward to seeing how it works out. I’ve never painted anything in a dark colour!! (The last picture also gives a good idea of the carpet colour we have at present. I’m hoping the more neutral carpet will lighten the room considerably.)

Home Heart Harmony Boy Bedroom UpdateThe wardrobe and larger chest shown here are on eBay as we speak so they will both be gone very soon. (Feeling very sad about saying goodbye to them, they were the first nursery furniture we bought when we had our first baby.)

I think that’s it for this week. I’m sure the list will grow and change as I remember what else needs to be done.

You can check out the inspiration for this room here and hear more about the plans.

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