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I had a fantastic couple of days away with my sisters and parents last weekend and as a result, my schedule for the week has been knocked off track a little bit! So, bear with me while I try (and probably fail) to catch up! It was such a fun weekend full of lots of laughter so completely worth the set back but I’m back to it today researching ideas and items for our son’s new bedroom. My desire to get going with this project was re-ignited by my research for last week’s Fave Five post and I’m back on the case! We seem to move at such a snail’s pace with everything, there are just never enough hours in the day! I hope to get started with the room transformation within the next couple of weeks/months/years! You never know your luck!

This is our son’s room at present (you can read about the last update in one of my first ever posts here):

Our son's bedroom as it is now

Our son’s bedroom as it is now

If I’m honest, I love this room exactly as it is and I feel a bit sad about leaving it behind. We updated the room just after Christmas 2013 by adding the shelves around the bed and moving out all of his old furniture but since we added a matching desk at the other end of the room (which he needs these days for his homework and hobbies), it’s a little bit cramped. So, while he could continue to manage perfectly well where he is, it does seem sensible to let him move into the larger guest room now that he’s getting bigger and is keen to have more space.

His main priority is somewhere to keep all his computer/tech gear which, at the moment is spread all over his desk. This is fine until he wants to do something else (like homework or drawing – which is his other big hobby). As far as I’m concerned, it would be great for him to have an additional surface for all this gadgetry so that his desk can remain largely clear.

Having researched some lovely panelling a few weeks ago and shared the pictures with our son, he is keen to add some to his room and I think the blue paint is probably getting a bit young for him now so it would be good to team some white panelling with a greyer, more grown up paint above. This way, I think we can still incorporate the blue in his bedding and the red in the headboard (although I have seen some curtains and bedding which are making me wonder whether we should change those things too!)

Here are a couple of mood boards I’ve created showing items I have my eye on for this room (links via the numbers below).

 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12

I’m thinking any one of the four paler greys on the colour swatches shown at ’11’ might be an option. I need to get some testers and give them a try. I am in love with the thick striped navy and white curtains in picture 12 but in my research, found some other patterns in the navy and white colour-way which also caught my eye (see 5 and 6). I am also considering red and white stripes or chevrons (I love the bean bag in picture 12 so a combination of the two might well be on the cards!)

We desperately need to re-carpet our whole upstairs (apart from our master bedroom which has been done) and I’m hopeful that we can get a fairly neutral shade like the one shown at item 9 that will be relatively hard-wearing.

Our son’s current bed, the shelves around it and his desk will all be transferred into the larger room and I’m thinking of painting one of the chests of drawers already in the guest room so that he can keep it as that extra surface I mentioned. Does anyone have any suggestions for ways to store technology that make it less ‘in your face’ and still allow for the mass of cables that seem to be everywhere?! Please let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions for ways to contain that mess!

The lamp shade you can just see in the top left corner of his current room is great to look at but not so great when you need light in the room! Its dark colour and the shape seem to contain all the light within the shade rather than casting it around the room so I will definitely be looking for something lighter and brighter this time around (see options 3 and 8 above). I have always been a bit nervous about mixing more than two colours and/or patterns but pictures 1 and 12 really inspire me to be a bit braver and test those boundaries a bit!

I can’t wait to get started. I’m thinking the blogging schedule may suffer a bit while we undertake the practical side of making these changes but hopefully it will be worth the wait!! I would love to hear what you think of these ideas and plans. Please let me know your tips for decorating for a ‘tween-age’ boy if you have any.

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  1. Caro | The Twinkles Mama says:

    I saw a fab room makeover for a teenage boy on one of the bloggers who links up with us on #HomeEtc. It was Antonia from Tidy Away Today — she covered a wall with a fantastic brick effect wallpaper and teamed it with petrol blue paint! It was almost like a mini loft apartment. I thought it looked fantastic for a growing boy 🙂 Thanks so much linking in with us on #HomeEtc — we really do appreciate it 🙂

    Caro |

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