Weekly Organising Challenge – Food Storage

Home Heart Harmony Weekly Organising Challenge - Food StorageContain your excitement people! This week I tackled my food storage tubs!! I know, I know, it’s hard to bear the anticipation but I’m going to keep you hanging on a moment longer while I tell you what I’ve really been up to this week. I have been doing some much more large-scale organisation in the guest bedroom that is soon to be our son’s new bedroom.

Before we can move number 2 child into the larger room, there is some serious work to be done (and that’s before we even begin with the decorating!) At present, the guest bedroom is a bit of a furniture grave-yard. It’s where the ‘furniture we don’t want elsewhere but can’t bear to part with yet’ goes to live out the retirement years. We currently have a bookcase which was part of our first ever furniture purchase, the bedside cabinet that I had as a child, a wardrobe and chest of drawers that were chosen while hefting our baby girl around IKEA at 9 days old (what were we thinking?!), an IKEA desk that I would really like to use but can never get to and another solid wood chest of drawers that we had made when we moved into our second home.

Unfortunately, because the new guest bedroom is smaller than the current one, something has to go. So, we’ve decided to sell the IKEA wardrobe and chest of drawers. That means, it all has to be cleared out. So, I have spent this week clearing out these two items of furniture and I have created quite the disaster zone upstairs! I always say that decorating one room can impact the entire house and I can already see that happening here! I need to move everything out of the guest room and into our son’s room and all the stuff from his room into the guest room and in order to do that, it ALL has to come out! And I don’t even have a before and after for you because the ‘after’ is just an empty space!

So, let’s just take a moment to settle ourselves with a ‘before and after’ of my food storage containers and calm the heck down!

The Before and After we've all been waiting for!

The Before and After we’ve all been waiting for!

That’s better! Everything in this drawer now has a lid (how does it happen that none of the containers ever matches any of the lids?) and things are much more accessible (to say the least!) The large white boxes are from IKEA and they are great for dividing the space in this drawer and giving me more useful storage.

I just had to share this graphic with you as it made me giggle. (I added the black star so as not to offend!) Funny because it’s true! Not any more though with my newly organised drawer!

Has anyone else been taking part in the weekly organising challenge? I’ve received a few photos but please, keep ’em coming! Catch up with last week’s organising challenge here.

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  1. Vicki says:

    Love it ! Mine looks terrible too. I am very impressed with the after photo. I am inspired to sort it out, thanks for sharing x

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