Friday Favourite Five…Beds

Well, I’m in the market for a new bed. We have had our poor old thing for coming up to 15 years so it’s served us well. I am slightly terrified at the prospect of replacing it since I’ve suffered with back trouble since my early teens and had to have spinal surgery 5 years ago (which was successful and life-changing to say the least). The thought of buying the wrong bed and creating problems again is frightening but our current bed is desperately in need of replacement.

So, I thought I would have a little browse and see if I could find something that might encourage me to take the plunge and make a purchase. As I said in my last Friday Fave Five post, it’s virtually impossible to pick just five. In this instance, I definitely have an idea of what I would like in an ideal world but I’ve tried to avoid too much similarity with the five that I’ve chosen here. I’ve also tried to vary the budget a bit. (Click the subtitles for links and bear in mind that all prices are for a Kingsize bed). With all that in mind, here are my favourite five (for now!)….

1. The ‘Henrietta’ from Feather and Black

The 'Henrietta' from Feather and Black [Image from Feather and Black]

The ‘Henrietta’ from Feather and Black [Image from Feather and Black]

This is the sort of bed I dream of. Feather and Black are at the higher end of the market and this baby comes in at an eye-watering £1,599. I may have to look for a budget version!

2. The ‘Aurelia’ from John Lewis

John Lewis Aurelia Bed [Image from John Lewis]

John Lewis Aurelia Bed [Image from John Lewis]

I have always loved me a good sleigh bed. This one in white is particularly gorgeous. My only reservation with it is that it wouldn’t match the paint colour of our existing furniture so we may have to re-paint our things to match. I’d have to give consideration to whether it was my favourite by a big enough margin to make the effort!! The price for this one is £1,399 so still probably way out of my price range anyway!

3. The Finlay Storage Bed from ‘Made’

The Finlay from 'Made' [Images from Made]

The Finlay from ‘Made’ [Image from Made]

This one is a more realistic £599 and I like the look which is quite understated. The major bonus is that the whole mattress section lifts up to reveal full-size under-bed storage. It comes in a range of neutral colours and I could see this fitting well into our existing decor scheme however it’s not quite as glamorous as some of its more expensive counter-parts!

4. The Willis and Gambier ‘Camille’ from John Lewis

The Willis and Gambier 'Camille' bed from John Lewis [Image from John Lewis]

The Willis and Gambier ‘Camille’ bed from John Lewis [Image from John Lewis]

I love the fact that this is a wooden bed which still has a padded headboard. It’s french style look is right up my street and I like the grey tone of the wood. This one is £1,150 so less expensive than my first two picks but still steep. I am actually quite surprised by how expensive beds are! I am wondering if buying a new mattress for our current divan bed is a better budget option for us!

5. The ‘Melodie’ from Marks and Spencer

The 'Melodie' from Marks and Spencer

The ‘Melodie’ from Marks and Spencer [Image from Marks and Spencer]

This is definitely one of my favourites and so, of course, it’s sold out in the King Size. I can’t even give you a price but the price range is £1199 (for the single) to £1,599 (for the super king) so somewhere closer to the top than the bottom!

What do you think? I think numbers 1 and 5 are my favourites but if I’m honest with myself, there’s no way I’m going to talk the hubby into spending that sort of money on a bed (sad face). However, whilst browsing, I have come across some really gorgeous head-boards so I’m thinking new mattress and headboard is probably the way to go.

Does anyone have an amazing and comfortable bed that they would like to recommend? I would love to hear about beds that may be beneficial with my back troubles. Please leave a comment if you have a suggestion. Thanks so much lovely people.

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  1. Viv Moon says:

    Loving the blog Sue. Buying a bed is a tricky business. We can’t remember when we bought our bed it’s so long ago!! I panic at the thought of having to replace it!!! However, there are companies who operate a 90 day return deal (I’m not sure what happens to the returned mattresses!!!!). So that’s an idea if you’re not 100 % sure of your purchase. Buy the most expensive and buy in the sales!! That’s what we’ve always done. Happy hunting.

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