Weekly Organising Challenge – Under-sink cabinet

Home Heart Harmony Organised Undersink CabinetI thought I would go crazy and kick off yet another regular feature this week. If you have ever read my ‘About Me’ page (which was written in my very first week of blogging 16 months ago), you will have seen that part of my reason for starting this blog was to ‘get my life in order’. I’m not sure I’m really achieving this terribly well as can be evidenced by the fact that I can never find anything!!

I am assured by other bloggers that being organised will save me oodles of time searching for lost belongings and I’m definitely keen to do that! It’s not that I don’t try hard to keep my ducks in a row, it’s just that I seem to start off with all the best intentions and then just run out of the time or energy to really get on top of things or maintain what I’ve put in place. However, since we set up our command centre, the fact that the system has continued to work in keeping our paper clutter under control has inspired me to put some effort into getting the rest of the house in order too. So, each week I am going to challenge myself to organise one area of our home – whether it be large or small. If you want to join in with me, I would love to see your before and after pictures – send them to homeheartharmony@yahoo.com and who knows, maybe we’ll get enough for a round-up post every now and then.

People always think I’m super organised (which really makes me laugh) but I am about to dispel all those myths with a whole series of ‘before’ pictures that will erase any ideas you may have had about that! I almost can’t bring myself to do it but…in the interests of tackling the issue and moving forward…here goes!

This week I am challenging myself to organise the cabinet underneath our kitchen sink. This cupboard has been sorted and re-sorted over and over again but it always seems to end up like this…



(See how I made that picture smaller to save you any distress!) To try and maintain my efforts this time, I have done a few things differently:

  • I have labelled all the containers so everyone knows what goes where (I made the labels using paper and washi tape and covered them all in transparent sticky film as they are likely to get wet at some point).
  • I have purchased a cleaning caddy which can be transported around the house and returned to the cupboard without having to move anything around
  • I have left some space for new bottles of cleaning products or kitchen towel at the back.
  • I have added some additional storage boxes and hooks on the door.
  • I have taken out any duplicates and stored them on a shelf in the garage until the current bottle is empty.
  • I have added a small 3-drawer plastic storage unit for dishwasher tablets and salt (which were previously kept in a box which had become stuck to the bottom of the cupboard!)
  • I have sized down our recycling box which previously took up the whole of the adjacent cupboard to add extra space for cleaning materials that we don’t use regularly but still need. (Tip: the hidden recycling box is a great clutter buster. It means we have a place to put our recycling that’s not the work-top and we just empty it into our larger bin outside whenever it becomes full.)
Much better than it was...

Much better than it was…

Ok - there is no way to make the under-sink cabinet look good in a photo but you get the idea!

Ok – there is no way to make the under-sink cabinet look good in a photo

(I had to cut a small section out of the back of the recycling box to fit around the pipe). I also gave the cupboard a really good clean and then sprayed ‘spider stop’ over everything and allowed it to dry. I may have mentioned by spider-phobia before. I don’t know if this stuff works but in my book, it’s worth a try to keep those horrible pests out of my house and cupboards! If nothing else, it smells of peppermint so you get a pleasant waft every time you open the door!

Is anyone else fed up with wasting time searching for things? Keen to get your place organised? Well, please, organise along! It’s much more fun doing things like this together. Don’t forget to send your before and after pics to homeheartharmony@yahoo.com.

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