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Home Heart Harmony Easy Baby Gift

Everywhere I look at the moment, people are having babies! I love it! I was never really a baby person. I used to look at women that went gooey over babies and think ‘why are they behaving like that?’ Having children (or maybe it’s just age?!) has definitely changed me. Now I look at a new born baby and it makes me weak at the knees! I just want to cuddle them. Baby cuddles are the very best kind!

I’m always excited to visit friends with new babies to top up on the baby cuddles and I like to take a little something along as a memento. I was browsing the shops recently looking for something cute to get as a little ‘welcome to the world’ present and it struck me that something with a personal touch might be a nicer way to show that I care and I’m excited about each and every new arrival!

Easy to make and so cute!

I made these pictures using Microsoft Word and they are so easy. You can (obviously) choose any colours you like or, if you know what the nursery colour scheme is, you can fit in with that. The font I have used here is called ‘Avenir Black’ and I chose to use a dark, medium and light shade of the same colour but anything goes!

Perfect for a girl or boy!

Perfect for a girl or boy!

Simply choose a quote you like. I used the same one here for a boy and a girl just as an example but you could use anything that suits. I played around for a while with the size and layout and added a jaunty border. I used the three colours in turn on each letter but you could add more or less or choose a colour for each row.

Once you are happy with your final version, all you need to do is print it out (card is best for a more professional finish) and get going to receive those baby cuddles!

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Home Heart Harmony Easy Baby Gift

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