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I was hoping to share with you today a completed Gallery wall but alas, we don’t have one yet. I have really struggled to get hold of frames that are not rectangular and I want some odd-shaped frames to add a bit of interest so I’m holding off until we are all well enough to travel further afield to find some. (Please let that be this weekend!) Then it will just be the small task of choosing pictures to go in the frames and actually hanging them on the wall! That’s a five-minute job right?!

So, since I have spent a fair amount of time this week researching kitchens, I thought I would share with you what we are looking for in our new kitchen.

I shared our current kitchen in this post and mentioned that it came with the house and whilst we didn’t love it, we certainly didn’t hate it. In our last house, we installed a new kitchen and we learned some things from that experience. (Like…. if you live in a smallish house, a new kitchen in boxes will take up the entire rest of your ground floor and you won’t be able to move for weeks….and….microwaving food in the bedroom isn’t that much ‘fun’.)

I’m trying not to think about how we will manage in this house during the building work (which will affect almost all of the ground floor!) but I know I will have to face it soon!

In the meantime, I’m only thinking about the exciting, shiny stuff! I have become an obsessive kitchen-stalker on pinterest, in magazines and on the websites of every kitchen supplier in the UK. I am the sort of person who knows exactly what they are looking for which often makes finding it more difficult. If you are open-minded, I imagine the process would be easier. I know I am going to have to make compromises but I’m really hoping we can get something close to the vision I have in my head.

So, here’s a run-down of what we’re after.


Inspiring - Kitchen Heaven at 'Sunny Side Up'

Inspiring – Kitchen Heaven at ‘Sunny Side Up’ [source]

I’m looking for cream or white units and I want a more classic, shaker-style door, probably with silver or black handles. My ideal scenario is solid wood doors like these

Solid wooden units are the dream but I fear our budget will not stretch

Solid wooden units are the dream but I fear our budget will not stretch [source]

but I think it’s highly likely that our budget won’t stretch. We will have to see. I’m particularly fond of the look of upper cabinets with glazed panels

Glazed panels in the upper cabinets are right up my street

Glazed panels in the upper cabinets are right up my street [source]

 I’m also considering adding some grey doors into the mix, possibly just on the island units but am concerned that they may date. We’ll have to see how brave we are feeling!

As a lower-budget alternative to solid wood, I am most drawn to the IKEA Metod/Bodbyn or Metod/Laxarby kitchen I met in person a few months ago. My daughter and I took a trip to IKEA to check out the kitchens and we were both lured in by the amazing storage options. IKEA just can’t be beaten when it comes to hidden storage. I took some quick (very poor quality pictures) on my phone to share with the hubby:

The Hidden Storage at IKEA was very alluring!

The Hidden Storage at IKEA was very alluring!

Having looked at kitchens elsewhere (that might be within our budget), I also like the look of the Cooke and Lewis Woburn and the Hygena Valetti Stone.


I love the look of dark granite worktops with the light units but again, we may be restricted by budget. Corian also looks like an attractive option and I have always loved the butchers block solid wood surfaces though having had them in our last home, I’m not sure about the maintenance involved in keeping them looking good. At the moment, I’m wondering if a mix of granite (or granite wrap-arounds) and wood might be the answer. Possibly one on the island and the other on the surrounding work surfaces. I think we need to do some more research about the pro’s and con’s.


At present, our kitchen has dark grey tiles and our breakfast room has medium oak coloured laminate. I have loved how practical the dark coloured tiles are – they don’t show up the dirt, or, more importantly, the dog hair! But, I hate how cold they are underfoot in the mornings. We have thought about under-floor heating but the problem with having a husband that works in the construction industry is that he gets to see all the good and the bad and he has encountered so many people who’ve had problems with their under-floor heating that he’s reluctant to make the investment only to find that it causes us a headache. The laminate is warmer underfoot and it is practical but all I can ever see when I look at it is dog hair blowing around like tumbleweed! I’m wondering if the answer to our problem is a darker coloured laminate which would hide the dirt as well as the dog hair!

We've never done dark floors before but I love the look and it would be so practical with our chocolate coloured pup!

We’ve never done dark floors before but I love the look and it would be so practical with our chocolate coloured pup! [source]

I also happen to love the look of it. Light units and dark floors are my idea of perfection!


In my mind, I’m thinking recessed ceiling lights along with some task lighting as well as two or three statement pendants over the island.

Now those are statement lights!

Now those are statement lights! [source]

I love the look of the industrial pendants that are fashionable now and I have found some great options all of which I love.

Love these lighting options

Love these lighting options – found at BHS, Next and John Lewis

More Lovely Lighting - swoon! Found at BHS, Next and John Lewis

More Lovely Lighting – swoon! Found at BHS, Next and John Lewis


Hubby is the chef in our house and he has his heart very definitely set on a range cooker. I have reservations but I don’t really have a leg to stand on when it comes to objecting. Plus, they look nice!!


We currently have a side-by-side American style fridge freezer which we will probably incorporate into the new kitchen. If it came to replacing it, I would probably go with something similar as it works well for us.


I can’t imagine having much money left for a new dining set-up so again, we will probably stick with what we have. I am determined to get the rest of our chairs painted so we at least have something to sit on that doesn’t have dog-chewed corners which scratch your legs!


I am keeping an open mind about this. I think it’s a huge decision. I would love to think that I had the courage to go for something bold but I have a feeling we may end up playing it safe!! In the meantime, let’s all enjoy how gorgeous these tiles are:

Glorious tiles - can I be brave?! [source]

Glorious tiles – can I be brave?! [source]

More Glorious Tiles - These certainly make a statement! [source]

More Glorious Tiles – These certainly make a statement! [source]

 I should probably stop there as this post has already taken me waaaaaay to long to write due to the fact that I have been hopelessly distracted by gorgeous kitchens. I won’t be able to sleep tonight now for thinking about them! Must reign in the enthusiasm!!

I would love to hear your opinions on the options in the comments. Is anyone else out there planning a big kitchen update? I would love to hear about it. You can email me at or follow me on Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter. For those who’ve been asking, I’m planning to launch a ‘Home Heart Harmony’ Instagram page any day now so watch this space! Until next time…..xoxo!

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  1. Stephanie Robinson says:

    It’s much more fun planning a kitchen than actually putting in a new one isn’t it? Enjoy the planning as I think it just about makes the work bearable. We sold our old kitchen on eBay when we replaced ours, and it went really quickly so it was probably too cheap!! And I’ll agree on the microwaving – we became very good customers of our pizza delivery and were craving proper home cooked food 🙂 #homeetc

    • Sue Parfitt says:

      I must admit, the thought of all the upheaval is probably why we haven’t taken the plunge yet! We replaced the kitchen in our last house and my husband fitted it with a friend at the weekends so we were upside down for ages! I keep thinking we should pay someone else to do it as quickly as possible this time around but I know hubs will have a view on that! Thanks for stopping by xx

  2. Caro | The Twinkles Mama says:

    Aah you and I have got such similar taste in kitchens 🙂 Funnily enough, I’ve just done a kitchen guest post for someone and used that very same Plain English kitchen!!!! I’m *almost* thinking I might change it — having seen this!! Although if I can’t find another shot I like as much, it’s staying!! 🙂 Great minds think alike!! 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up with #HomeEtc — hope to see you again next week! x

    Caro |

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