A Happy Home Heart Harmony Christmas

Hurrah! It’s Friday! It’s been a long and very busy week and I’ve only made it this far thanks to the power of Lemsip! Despite a horrible cough and cold which has tried its best to stop us, Christmas has arrived in ‘Casa Parfitt.’ Last weekend, we observed our annual tradition of an early morning trip to the farm shop to choose our tree followed by a stop off at the cafe for a family breakfast. This year, we didn’t put our tree up straight away as we had plans with my parents, sisters, nieces and nephew to go to a stately home nearby for a Christmas day out. It was a really special day, one that will stay in our memories for a very long time. I do love Christmas and the opportunities it brings for magic!

We put our tree up on Sunday which, for a real tree, I still felt was a little early but with pressure from the kids (and husband!) I gave in and we had a lovely time decorating the house whilst listening to Christmas music (another tradition).

Happy Home Heart Harmony Christmas

Happy Home Heart Harmony Christmas

We have always ‘kept it real’ with our Christmas tree. My hubby has strong feelings about a real tree. I love the smell you get with a real one but I can see the benefits of going artificial. We do have a small artificial tree in our breakfast room but the big one in the living room is the real deal.

I think we can all agree that our Christmas tree isn’t going to win any awards in the style stakes(!) but I feel like the memories attached to this tree are so precious that I could never let them go just to have it tie in with the decor. This tree has been almost 20 years in the making! Each and every decoration has a special memory attached to it and this, for me is what Christmas is all about. Some of these decorations were bought for our first ever Christmas tree back in 1995, others were given to us by family members (some of whom are no longer with us), some were bought on trips abroad.

Christmas Ornaments

The handsome reindeer was given to my son when he was page boy at my sister’s Christmas wedding. The cinderella glass slipper was given to my daughter on the same occasion.

The gold glass bauble was bought on a memorable family trip to London and the ‘Hilton Head’ decoration was bought on our recent holiday to the US.

And no, before you ask, I don’t panic about whether the children are hanging everything symmetrically (though there may be a very small amount of post-bedtime re-arrangement!)

Christmas Tree 2

Bo has taken to curling up on the chair by the little tree. I think she feels it sets off her fur perfectly!

And what about our Christmas Mantel I hear you ask? (You did ask didn’t you?)

Our Christmas Mantel

Our Christmas Mantel

Obviously, I am using the the term ‘Christmas Mantel’ very loosely. There’s probably some infringement of the trades descriptions act at play here because all I’ve actually done is sling a glittery garland across a shelf but let’s go with it o.k?

We all have one more week of work and school to get through during which time I need to finish ALL of my Christmas preparations. We are looking forward to spending time with family and friends after that and I really want to enjoy those final days of Christmas build-up with the children instead of panicking about present wrapping and last minute shopping. Wish me luck!! (My intentions are always so good but the reality may not quite match up!)

Is everyone else getting there with their Christmas prep? I always feel like I (and infact, all parents) should be given some kind of award at the end of Christmas day which recognises the herculean task that has been achieved in reaching that great milestone without being reduced (very often) to a quivering wreck. (Hey, it could still happen. Give it time!) It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year! (Right? Am I right?!)

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  1. Helen Olney says:

    Ah Sue, I do love your blogs, this one has tickled me. We have just moved house and had a new baby and have managed (somehow) to find the tree and decoration boxes but my 5 year old keeps asking for a specific decoration that we can’t fathom nor find!! Maybe next year….!!
    Can I ask what you do with your Christmas cards, I’m struggling for ideas and we have New Baby cards and a birthday in a few days all contending for space!!
    Merry Christmas to you all
    Helen x

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