Shiny Happy…Paint

It’s been a big week here. Back to school time has arrived and with our oldest heading off to secondary school, it’s been emotional. (For me. She’s absolutely taking it in her stride!) A new school year has always sent me into a frenzy of organisational activity and it’s the perfect excuse to go out and buy stationery and supplies to get my life in order! I actually planned a ‘back to school’ shopping trip with my daughter to get all those essential items she would need for her new academic journey. We had a lovely day together and there may even have been a few items for Mum that had fallen off the shelf and into our trolley by the time we got to the checkout!

In last week’s post about our little Command Centre update, I hinted about my final solution for keeping that pesky paperwork under control. I had discovered that there were paper items coming into our home that even our lovely mail rack couldn’t accommodate on a long term basis (things like catalogues, magazines and the children’s artistic creations). So, in an effort to control all those final piles of paper which were the bane of my kitchen counters, I decided they needed a home of their own.

I always admire colourful magazine files like these Laura Ashley ones but they are often pricey for what they are – especially if you need more than one. When I was last at IKEA, I bought a set of these Flyt magazine files.

Cheap and (soon to be) cheerful

Cheap and (soon to be) cheerful

They are plain but cheap and I’ve used previous versions of them many times to house my ever expanding selection of Homes magazines. When I made the purchase, I had in mind that I would cover or decorate them in some way to make them more interesting and it’s only taken me around a year to get to it! (That’s pretty good by my track record!!)

Initially, I planned to cover the files in paper but I wasn’t sure how I would get a clean finish with the curve of the top. I decided to break out my new craft paints and give them a try (the files are cheap enough that it wouldn’t have bothered me too much if I ruined them! Which was a distinct possibility!) I decided to measure out stripes and stick strips of masking tape to achieve the effect I was looking for.


The paints I had were ‘Docrafts Artiste’ Baby Blue and Pearl Frosted Mint Acrylic Paints with the greener shade being a metallic finish. I hadn’t tried them out before and I loved the texture of them. The blue one was really smooth and covered so well while the green metallic one was thinner but dried nicely to give a bit of a shine.


By the time I got to the last file of the three I wanted to paint, I was feeling more confident and decided to try a zig-zag finish. I didn’t measure anything for this one, just went with it and stuck the masking tape as evenly as I could without worrying too much about a wonky line here and there!

photo 1

I have to say, it took a fair while to stick the tape and then paint this one. I gave everything two coats of paint, letting each coat dry before applying the next so the process was not quick but the paint went on quickly so the taping and drying were the most time consuming parts. I also painted the files before assembling them so that they could lie flat which also meant letting one side completely dry before starting the other.

When it came to removing the tape, I had the best results when I removed it while the second coat of paint was still not quite dry. This way, I don’t think the tape had adhered to the card quite so strongly and it was less inclined to pull the card away.

photo 2

There were some imperfections because I didn’t always get to the tape while the paint was still wet (I was fitting this in around a dozen other things we had going on that weekend as usual!!)

All finished and fulfilling their magazine file destiny - yay!!

All finished and fulfilling their magazine file destiny – yay!!

You can see a couple of spots at the edges where the tape pulled at the card but I can live with it. (Just…..I think!) I have allocated one file for magazines, one for brochures and catalogues and one for the children’s art work (the bits that don’t make it onto the wall!) The files are sitting pretty in our kitchen now – our last line of defence in the war against paper clutter!


I am so transfixed by the metallic paint, it’s so pretty! I’m already thinking of where to use it next!

Shiny happy....paint

Shiny happy….paint

So what do we think? Is anyone else about to break out the craft paint and masking tape? Anyone else dealing with Mummy emotions sending their kiddos off to or back to school? I’d love to hear about it. I’m relying on my old friends ‘tea’ and ‘biscuits’ to get me through the week!!


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