Command Centre Update

We have returned from the most fantastic holiday and are thinking thoughts of returning to school. Autumn seems to be almost upon us!! (Seriously, where is August? What happened to the sun?!) We had the most amazing time in New York and South Carolina (I will be sharing some of our experiences and tips for seeing New York with children at some point soon). Apart from all the incredible sightseeing, scenery and sunshine, we also indulged in a spot of shopping and I have been desperate to share with you a very small update which I’ve made to our Command Centre as a result!

We came across these darling Kate Spade file folders in a Papyrus store in New York and when I caught sight of the matching agenda file, I almost fell over myself getting these babies to the checkout! (I know, it’s tragic that while some people go gaga over shoes and clothes, stationery and bags are my kryptonite.)


Kate Spade File Folders add just the right amount of bling!

Kate Spade File Folders add just the right amount of bling!

I had been looking for just the right folders to put in our mail rack and when I saw these, I knew I had found just the ones. I love the fact that the gold polka dots add a little glitz while also keeping the overall look light and classic.

I made a slight change to the way things are filed. Previously, I had a ‘file’ and ‘action’ folder for each member of the family but it quickly became apparent that having all the ‘action’ items spread out in four different files was unneccesary and likely to cause things to get forgotten. I decided that one ‘action’ file for everyone made much more sense (since it’s always me that actually ‘actions’ things anyway!) Therefore, the spare top pocket was the perfect place to put everything to be actioned, while everything else could be split down by person (this has been an especially useful system when I’m asked ‘where’s my homework sheet/credit card statement/insurance certificate since I can simply look in the pocket for the person asking – or they can look in their own – and find it straight away.) I file all the paperwork away around once a month.

All the action items are now in one place

All the action items are now in one place

My new planner (which is a 2015 one but which starts on 1st September 2014), is the final touch I had been looking for to complete the Command Centre. I always intended to include a calendar in this space but our current one didn’t fit in with my vision for this area and so I wanted to wait and find the right one. I can now keep all of our appointment cards, paperwork, invitations etc. in one place and log them in the planner as they come in. (Each month has a week-to-view diary as well as a month planner at the start).

The final touch - a place to keep track of all of life's craziness!

The final touch – a place to keep track of all of life’s craziness!

To say that the Command Centre has made a difference to keeping our paper clutter at bay is a massive understatement. It really has changed the way our home looks. No more piles of paper on the kitchen counter, no more forgotten permission slips or dentist appointments. No more two day searches for a missing document (yes, that really happened!) I cannot tell you how much more organised we are because of it.  I have also recently made another small change to deal with the catalogues and brochures that cannot be accommodated within this system so things really have taken a leap in the right direction (but more on that next time!). Please check out my original Command Centre post here and the concept and reasons for its creation here.


I’ll be back soon to share my final mail clutter solution. Until then, I hope everyone has enjoyed the summer and all your little ones are/will return to the new school year refreshed and ready to roll. Until next time…….xoxo




  1. Sally says:

    I’ve love your command center since first I saw it. I’m single and retired so I don’t feel the crush of multiple schedules, etc., but I have adopted/adapted some of your ideas. Thank you. I am a retired librarian having begun my career in libraries filing 3×5″ cards in card catalogs. One of my prized possessions is an oak 6-drawer card catalog. I’ve had it for 20+ years and it’s been hidden away on the bottom shelf of my entertainment unit. I look at it everyday trying to figure out a new purpose for it and how to show it off. I know one day something brilliant will come to mind, but in the mean time I’ll keep looking over your shoulder for ideas.

  2. Samantha Payne says:

    Hi! I was wondering where you got the hanging file organizer? I’ve been looking for one with more than 3 pockets!

  3. Jeannie says:

    I love how light and airy it looks with the colors you chose. Also love the updates. What paint brand and color did you use on the wall?

    • Sue Parfitt says:

      Hi Jeannie, thanks so much for your comment. The paint is ‘Pale Linen’ by Laura Ashley and the wallpaper is also from Laura Ashley. It’s their Isodore paper in ‘Linen’. Here’s the link…

  4. Carol Ford says:

    This is Exactly what I have my heart set on! My next project ! I need to find my Desk, then I’m on my way! ?

  5. Kay says:

    Thanks for posting the info for the family sign! I’ve contacted the seller, but where did you find the odd sized frame?

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