A Pretty Pyjama Party and a GIVEAWAY

Oh my goodness this is a busy old time of year! The end of the school year always makes me feel equal parts sad, stressed and excited. In amongst all the craziness of school productions, end of year parties, sports days, transition days and holiday preparations, we also have three family birthdays within a week and a half. So, there’s a fair few late nights and excitement on top of everything else. This week is our gorgeous girl’s birthday. She has decided to have a sleepover with her friends and has come up with plenty of ideas for how she wants the living room to look and how she would like the evening to run.

One of my jobs this week has been to come up with a little something for her to give her friends which says ‘thank you for coming.’ We talked about the fact that she didn’t want a typical party bag but something a bit more grown up. Between us we cooked up the idea of filling pretty jars with sweets and making a pretty label to tie around them so that they would have something which was a little treat but that was also pretty and could be put to use rather than just thrown away. Very excitingly, I have decided to sell the labels through my Facebook page AND will be launching my first ever GIVEAWAY! More on that later.

I got these jars at B&M. I’m not sure how widely spread B&M stores are but our local one has arrived fairly recently and I find that there are some serious bargains and lovely bits if you keep your nose to the ground. I decided to get two of each colour.

So cute - and a bargain too!

So cute – and a bargain too!

I also bought some raffia to tie the labels around the top in bright pink and turquoise. I just love pink and blue together, the combination is so pretty.


The raffia ribbon was from Marks and Spencer in their gift wrap department. The jars were really simple. I chose to fill them with treat sized packs of ‘love hearts’ as I thought it would be both hygienic and pretty – win, win! The labels were slightly more labour intensive since I needed to create a template and then put everything together but we were so pleased with how they turned out.





We had already decided that the girls would sleep in the living room for the night so that they could have a movie night with popcorn before they went off to sleep (yes, I know, it was wishful thinking that they would actually sleep!) Ella was very keen to decorate the room and make it pretty so we hung bunting and fairy lights using command hooks.

Bunting, lanterns and fairy lights made it a pretty party

Bunting, paper lanterns and fairy lights made it a pretty party




We put the little party gifts on the table for the guests of honour.

Pretty party favours

Pretty party favours

Ella and I had such a great time making all the preparations. It was so lovely to see her getting all excited about the little details. I am so aware that I need to treasure these moments with her while she still wants me around! And, as I post this, there is a group of giggling girls clearly very much enjoying the fruits of our labour.

So, on to the exciting business of my first giveaway. The lucky winner will receive up to 20 ‘party jars’ with personalised labels made using names they provide and colours to tie in with their party theme. The jars can be made for parties between 31st August 2014 and 31st August 2015 but two weeks notice must be provided. In order to enter the giveaway, you will need to do three things:

1) Comment on this post with one word which you think describes the party jars (see the comments section below or to the right depending on what time of device you are using. You may need to click on the title of this post above first.)

2) Head over to the Home Heart Harmony Facebook page and give it a ‘like’

3) Share the Facebook post about this giveaway. (If you are not a Facebook user, simply do step one, then send an email to homeheartharmony@yahoo.com with the subject ‘Non-Facebook giveaway’).

The winner will be announced at 10pm on Saturday 19th July and is open to UK residents only (sorry to my over-seas friends, I will try to find a way to include you in my next giveaway.)

That’s it. Good luck! As I mentioned, I will also be selling the jar labels personalised to your party with names and colour theme. Head over to my Facebook page for prices and further information.

So, has anyone else been planning a birthday bash amongst all the other craziness this time of year brings with it? Anyone currently listening to the increasingly hysterical laughter of six 11 year old girls and wondering if they will ever go to sleep? I’d love to hear about it! Until next time….xoxo


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  1. Viv Moon says:

    That’s a lovely idea Sue. The jars are a great idea and the room looks very stylish. Ella is a very lucky girlie to have such a creative Mummy.

    Hope you actually got some sleep and hope you have a quiet day today.

  2. Katie says:

    We are planning a Frozen Party for Maisy in the holidays, current part favor ideas include a home made ribbon streamer in blues and silvers.

    • Sue Parfitt says:

      That sounds lovely. Very ‘Frozen’ I’m sure all the little Elsa’s and Anna’s will love them! Xx

  3. Louise says:

    I always like to do something a little different at the party’s I plan for my children and these glass party jars are amazing! You could easily sell them as gifts. It’s great also because you know that the contIner will be used after the sweets are eaten, and will remind the girls for years to come of the fun they had at Ella’s party. Excellent idea.

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