A Steaming Success

Hi everyone, I am at home with my kiddo’s this week enjoying the half term break. It has been lovely but far too short in my opinion! I was thinking about not posting this week but following a conversation with some friends the other day about floor cleaning (I know, ok, it just cropped up) I just wanted to quickly pop in and tell you about a relatively new relationship in my life. It’s been brief but intense and I have to tell you, I think it’s love. Meet the object of my affection…

Ok, it's possibly not REAL love but it's close

Ok, it’s possibly not REAL love but it’s close

I had resisted buying a steam cleaner because I felt my old mop and I were getting on o.k, despite its slightly dirty appearance and interesting odour! However, after we got our puppy, I seemed to spend most of my waking hours with mop in hand and my feelings for the old mop began to sour. When my Mum and sisters (who all have dogs) suggested I needed a steam mop, I thought it was a waste of money but when I saw this one on offer for half price I thought I may as well give it a go. If it turned out to be rubbish, it wasn’t the end of the world.

Well, I wish I had made the change sooner. It would have been a god-send when the pup was small. Now, instead of filling the bucket with water and floor cleaner, lugging it (and the mop) around the house with me and then waiting ages for the floors to be dry enough to walk on, I just plug in, wait about 20 seconds for it to warm up and I’m off.


You have to fill the water tank every now and then but that’s it! There are zero expenses once you get going as it’s just filled with water (so no nasty chemicals to keep the pup away from) and the pads on the bottom (it comes with two) just slip off when you’re  done and go in the washing machine and tumble dryer with your next load.

You fill the tank with water and use the washable pads each time you clean - no extra bits to buy!

You fill the tank with water and use the washable pads each time you clean – no extra bits to buy!

The steam kills all the bacteria and I’ve always been really impressed with how clean the floors look at the end. For some reason, I also manage to get the floors done in half the time I used to take with the mop and there’s no chance of damage to our floors because of too much water left lying around. This just leaves a thin layer which is dry in no time at all. (Probably two minutes max).

So, there we have it, the new love in my life. I just wanted to share it with you as I wish I had made the change from stinky old mop to steam cleaner sooner. I’m sure anyone out there struggling with an old mop and bucket will be rushing off out to purchase their steam mop! Hope you love it as much as I do mine!

Note: I have not been paid to promote this product, I just wanted to share because it’s made such a difference to my floor cleaning experience! There are a wide range of steam mops available on the market, I am not endorsing this or any other brand.

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