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We had such a lovely few days this weekend visiting family in their gorgeous, spanking new home. They had moved area so we got to explore new countryside, visit some of the local landmarks, nose around their fab new abode and spend time with our yummy niece and nephew. Does anyone else get really excited by other people’s homes? I remember as a child thinking that my friends’ toys were always so much more exciting than my own and I still feel the same as an adult! One thing I always feel after visiting the homes of friends and family is inspired! I came home this week feeling raring to go with a project I have been meaning to get around to for sooooo long. Won’t you come on in and enter the ‘stairwell instagram gallery.’

Shall we all just pretend we can't see the filthy stair carpet? Ok then.

Shall we all just pretend we can’t see the filthy stair carpet? Ok then.

I am really bad these days at getting my photographs developed. (As well as cleaning my carpets, apparently! Actually this one just needs tearing up but we are waiting for the pup to stop eating it first.) Having all my snaps stored digitally means my memories are easy to access but they are all hiding away and rarely looked at. I have an Instagram account and I frequently use the software to edit my favourite photos. I have often thought that I should display some of these lovely pictures within our home and finally got around to having a selection of the pictures printed around six months ago. Since then, I have been looking around for frames and have been amazed at how few shops stock square ‘instagram sized’ frames. Literally, I have been looking for all that time, and I haven’t found one! I had browsed online and it seemed as though the internet was my only hope on this occasion. I bought these ones on eBay in the end and they are not the best quality but for the price, I thought they were pretty good.

I was keen to try the 3M Command picture hanging strips I had bought as I have heard so many good things about them. I wanted to use them to avoid having holes all the way up the stair wall just on the off chance that either I or my hubby didn’t like the look of the gallery going up on the angle. I was worried about getting the placement of the pictures right so I started out by cleaning the wall and then measured up from the skirting (or base) board at intervals all the way up the stairs. Lola the cat was keen to help with this bit…

Stair Gallery 1

I then put decorating tape all the way up in line with the baseboards below. I wasn’t sure how this would work as the boards don’t go straight up on a continuous angle but I went with it and decided to stick with the line of the skirting at this stage.  I then drew around one of the frames on an old newspaper and cut out the same number of templates as I had frames and stuck them on the wall at regular intervals with their bottom right hand corners touching the decorator’s tape.

Anyone ever tried cutting out and photographing and the same time? Not easy!

Anyone ever tried cutting out and photographing and the same time? Not easy!

I then measured up again from the first line of decorator’s tape and repeated the process for the next row.

Stair Gallery 3

I played around with the layout a few times before I was happy and then took the tape away just to check everything still looked ok before I got started with the command strips and picture hanging.


The strips are not what I expected them to be. I was expecting a velcro-type attachment but it was actually more like a teeny tiny ‘stickle brick’ (does anyone else remember playing with those as a child?) The two strips ‘snap’ together and then the back of one sticks to the wall and the other to the frame.

Stair Gallery 4

In order to hang the pictures, I just positioned them in line with the top of each template and pulled the template out from underneath as I pressed the picture onto the wall.


It’s difficult to get a good photograph of the finished product because the only natural light coming into this area is from the surrounding rooms as it’s right in the centre of the house. I don’t really think these do it justice but I am so happy with how it turned out.


It brings a smile to my face every time I go up and down the stairs to see my favourite snaps. The best thing is that with the command strips I can pop these on and off the wall to update and change the photos and even pull the whole lot down if I decide to do something different, without having to redecorate. Win, win, win!

So, how about you? Has anyone out there been finding new ways to display their family memories? I would love to do something like this with old family photographs from years gone by. I would probably use less regular shaped, more decorative frames. One for the project list. Anyone planning to tackle one of those projects they’ve been putting off this weekend? I would love to hear about it.

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