Meet Miss Bo

After all the talk of our pup in my last post, I thought it was about time you all met her. Meet Miss Bo….

Beautiful Bo

Beautiful Bo

Bo is relatively new to our family having joined us in August of last year when she looked like this….



As anyone who knows anything about dogs will know, she is a chocolate labrador. She is now 10 months old. We were all instantly besotted with her and she is such a fantastic addition to our family.

Moments like these are made to be treasured

Moments like these are made to be treasured

My husband and I had a rescue dog back in the days before children and it was always in our long term plan to get a family dog one day. Having done our homework (extensively!) we were sure that a labrador was a good fit for us and having caved in to years of nagging from our son to get a ‘brown dog like Scooby Doo’ we negotiated with him that a brown lab would be very similar but just a bit smaller (!!) than Scoob. We had also decided we would rather have a bitch than a dog this time around for various reasons.

Choosing a name was the next big task. In our family there are lots of dogs and for one reason or another, the current pack have all finished up with names beginning with ‘B’ so we have Bonnie, Bruno, Bramble and Buddy. The children were really excited to join the trend so we spent weeks coming up with dozens of ‘B’ names. In the end, we narrowed it down to around 10 and then each person got to ‘veto’ anything they didn’t like. As it happened, Bo was the name we all loved so our decision was made.

We booked little Bo into puppy training classes since we knew she would very quickly be big and strong and we wanted to make sure the children would be safe holding her on the lead etc. She was very, very excited to take part in puppy classes and with lots of practise, we did eventually manage to get her doing at least some of the things she was supposed to rather than desperately trying to play with the other pups!

So, having done all that training, we obviously don’t get things like this happening around here….


Or this….


Or this….


Or even this….


which is a huge relief because can you imagine if she tried to eat everything we owned?!!!! It’s o.k. though, we don’t get any of that behaviour and Bo obviously feels very much a part of the family. I am worried there may be a small amount of confusion….


But I’m sure that will all iron itself out and will most definitely NOT develop into this kind of situation….


She was actually stuck up there and had to bark to alert us to her plight!

which would clearly be the sign that things had crossed a line!!!

Seriously though, having a pup is one of the best things we ever did. We all love her so much and we are making memories every day as a result of getting her. Moments like this….

It's love (and she is most definitely NOT allowed on the sofa!)

It’s love (and she is most definitely NOT allowed on the sofa!)

remind me of all the snuggles we had with our lovely dalmation when I was young. Having a dog brought so much joy into our childhood and I can only hope that we are giving our children a chance to experience that too.

How about you? Are there any fellow dog-lovers out there? Any chocolate lab owners who would like to confirm that they are all just a little bit loopy?! I’m busy planning my next project and looking for inspiration. Anyone got any projects lined up this weekend? I would love to hear about them.

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  1. Viv Moon says:

    Love the blog about Darling Bo – so glad the training worked out so well!! Fortunately we too have very well trained dogs who never do anything wrong!! I feel that delusion is delivered with the dog – we develop an inability to see anything wrong with our adorable creatures. Well done Sue I had a jolly good laugh.

  2. Lisa Maree says:

    Hilarious! How did she get up on the table with all the chairs pushed in? Such a clever girlie.

    We just got a baby German Shepherd. Of course he’s an’outside’ dog so the fact that he is currently snoring under my chair must mean I am sitting out in the sunshine as I type this.

    Thanks for the LOL. Enjoying the rest of your blog too. Wish I had a spare space for a command Centre, yours is beautiful and so practical.

    • Sue Parfitt says:

      Hee hee, do you know, I don’t even know!! Maybe I pushed the chair in before I took the photo? She is very clever about it these days, she pushes the chair slightly to one side with her nose to give her a step up and then pretends she can’t get down – except when she hears the sound of the cat coming down the stairs, then she will fling herself to the ground without a second thought! Good luck with the German Shepherd, puppies are such a lot of work but so worth it!!

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