Gleeful about our Garage!!

Well, I think we all thought this day would never come didn’t we?! I have FINALLY finished sorting out our garage and while there are still a few things I would like to pair down and some additional aesthetics I would like to tweak, I am over the moon that we now have a clean, useful space here rather than a dumping ground.

We got there in the end

We got there in the end – and I even painted the door!

The best part about having finished clearing this area is the fact that it is such a useful space which really impacts on how things run around here day to day (and I don’t just mean on the treadmill!) We are all using the garage in various ways on a daily basis. My husband is delighted to be able to actually get near the exercise equipment again. We can both come out here on an evening and actually spend time together exercising (something we have done separately – or not at all – since we had our kids due to childcare requirements) as well as working on projects, sorting the recycling or just little things like wrapping gifts and cleaning our shoes! (I’m know, I’m sorry, I will stop rubbing your noses in our rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle now!) I also envisage working with the children out here on craft creations and homework projects. It will be so much less stressful to know that we can make a mess and get really creative without having to worry about clearing everything away three times a day in order to make room for meal times!

You may also have noticed the large dog crate in front of the treadmill. This is now in the garage as we don’t really use it in the home. Our pup has a more cosy bed in the kitchen but she does love her crate and since we sometimes have visitors here (both big and little) who are afraid of dogs, clearing this space has enabled us to have a separate area where our pup can go on these occasions. On the other side of the blue door is a dog gate which is there to keep our lady safely enclosed but still allow her to see what’s going on (not that she seems to care!) It happens rarely, but when it does, she actually seems to love it out there. (Probably something to do with the fact that I always give her something yummy to chew on!)

Let’s just remind ourselves of where we were back in March when we decided enough was enough…(brace yourselves!)…

Where it all began

Where it all began

The saddest thing about this was that we had worked so hard only months earlier to completely clear the space out. As I mentioned in my last post on the topic, we had cleared the home belonging to my husband’s late parents and there was a fair amount of ‘stuff’ that made its way into our garage simply because we didn’t know or weren’t ready to decide, what to do with it.  I have to confess, there are still a few bits and pieces that we have held on to. Some are ready to be given to other relatives and some have sentimental value so we couldn’t part with them. Where possible, I’m trying to re-use and update some of their pieces in our own home so that we have them close to us.

My favourite section has to be the crafting table. I am so excited to get working on some of the things I have been putting off for years just because I needed space to do them. I am planning to bring my sewing machine and all of our crafting supplies out here so that everything is close by and easy to access.

Our crafting table - ready for action

Our crafting table – ready for action

I have deliberately added storage boxes and baskets which are not filled yet so that I have room for all those extra things I will need (fabric, paper, paints, glue etc.)

In the shelving area, we have our recycling boxes at the bottom and then all of our painting, decorating, gardening, cleaning, car-washing and household supplies as well as some pictures and accessories that are waiting to be hanged in the house or up-cycled. (Now we know where they all are and have the tools to hand, I have no doubt that we will be straight onto those jobs!!) I would have loved to get some better, colour co-ordinated plastic bins for the recycling section but it seemed silly to go out and spend money on plastic boxes to put our rubbish in when I already have lots that will do the same job. It was hard, but I restrained myself (on this rare occasion!) The rest of the tubs were deliberately bought clear so that we can easily see what’s inside and of course, everything is labelled(!)


Should we just take a minute to appreciate the newly painted door? I don’t know why it makes me feel so much better about being out in the garage, there’s no explaining it, but it really does!



Any finally….before and after anyone?!

Garage before and after 2

Oh I do love a before and after 🙂

So, what do you think? Worth all the blood, sweat and screaming tears? I feel like it has been. How about you? Have you been busy in the garage lately? Arguing with your partner over whether or not the fifth hammer in the box really needs to be kept? Making use of every inch of your home? I will be enjoying my bank holiday weekend that little bit more knowing that I have finally given this project a big old tick on my ‘to do’ list! You ticking anything off yours? I would love to hear about it. 

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  1. Paula says:

    Love the labelled see-through boxes and the table ready for action. You are right to care about the door, it changes it from feeling like an outside space to an, at least semi, inside space!

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