10 of our favourite things to do in the School Holidays

Yay! We’ve made it to the end of another school term and boy, do we all need a break! My little ones have worked and played hard this term and they are shattered. We spent the first few days of the holiday chilling and doing very little and have since enjoyed some fantastic days shared with friends and family. I am lucky enough to work in a school which means I get to stay home during the holidays and I feel really blessed to be able to share this precious time with my kiddo’s. We are looking forward to some family time next week when hubby is also taking some time off to join in the fun.

I am always on the look out for fun ways to spend quality family time so I thought I would share with you ten of our most favourite things to do in the school holidays. So, here goes….

1. A Day at the Beach….(even if it’s blowing a gale and freezing cold!)


This has always been one of our favourite ways to spend a day. Building sand castles, climbing on the rocks, paddling (or swimming if you’re brave), flying a kite or simply staring out to sea and watching the boats on the horizon with my little ones always leaves me (and, even better, them) feeling happily exhausted and ready for a good sleep. In recent years, we also love to ‘be beside the seaside’ out of season in the autumn and winter holidays. There is something about wrapping up warm with hats and scarves, bracing yourself against the sea breeze and then, when the cobwebs have been well and truly blown away, retreating to a cosy cafe for a hot chocolate (preferably next to a roaring fire!)

2. Movie Night….


Feet up, snuggled on the sofa with a blanket, curtains closed, a bowl of popcorn and someone to cuddle. What’s not to like?!

3. Pyjama Day….


After a busy term of running around, one of our favourite things to do on a day when the weather isn’t great is stay in bed as late as we want and then just leave our PJ’s on ALL day. Lock the door, take the phone off the hook and just reeeeelaaax! (Let’s face it, how often do you get to do that once you’re all grown up?!)

4. A Walk in the Woods (preferably with a four-legged-friend!)….


We are discovering so many hidden gems since we got our lovely pup. She loves a good run around in the woods and there is something extremely relaxing about wandering in your wellies surrounded by nature. An unexpected bonus with this one is that I always find the children chattering continuously whether it be to us or each other. I love that wandering in the open seems to encourage them to share their thoughts, feelings and sometimes, worries. It is so easy to get caught up in the every day running around that sometimes, there is no chance to stop and talk.

5. A Day Out with Friends….


Making time to spend a day with friends during the school term is always difficult so we always use the holidays as our chance to catch up with those people whose little ones are at other schools as well as the children we see every day. Some of our favourite days out have been spent with other Mums and kids at a country park, farm or the zoo, catching up, enjoying some fresh air and having fun together.

6. A Day in the Garden….

festlicher tisch im garten


This one is especially great in the summer holidays. Whether it be just the four of us or a day with friends or extended family. If the weather is good, we love to grab the opportunity to light the Barbecue, get the paddling pool out and let the kids run riot! I so wish we had more sunny days so we could do this more often!

7. Baking Day….


A good one for rainy days. As I have mentioned before, I am not known for my baking skills but hey, my kids don’t care if my sponge isn’t perfect or my flapjacks crumbly. It’s all about ditching the housework, turning off the TV and spending time together. I always try really hard not to care about the mess we make either. There’s more time in the holidays to deal with kitchen disaster zones!

8. A Trip to a Museum….


Some of my favourite ever school holiday days have been just me and the children going off to a museum on our own. Wandering around the exhibits always prompts such weird and wonderful questions, I love the way the little ones take everything on-board and then ask a million and one questions to clarify their knowledge. I hardly ever don’t always know the answers, in fact, my youngest once said to me ‘wow Mum, you don’t know A LOT!’ I do try though, and there’s usually some useful information close-by when you’re in a museum! Plus, I get to learn new stuff too – everyone’s a winner! The other GREAT thing about this one is that so many museums are FREE! I always find this hard to believe because it’s such a great day out. I always make sure to leave a decent donation but I love that these places really are accessible to everyone.

9. A Family Bike Ride….



This is a new one for us since I have only recently bought a bike. I hadn’t ridden one for several years so I am still getting used to it but I have a feeling this is going to be a big family favourite (if I can just stay upright!)

10. Crafting with the Kids….


This is another great one for a rainy day (and let’s face it, we have enough of those!) There’s often a seasonal reason to craft – for example, this week, we will be making Easter bonnets and in the past we have made Christmas cards, Easter cards and the children have made Father’s Day cards but even if you don’t have a reason, a bit of creativity always gets the imagination going.

So, there we have it, a selection of the ways we love to spend our time during the school holidays. I am always looking for more inspiration of great ways to spend time together so I would love it if you shared with me your favourite thing to do for a day in the holidays. You can comment below. Go on, didn’t your Mum always tell you it was good to share?!

Thanks so much for reading. I am taking a break next week to enjoy some of the aforementioned family time so I will catch up with you in two weeks. Have a happy Easter everyone xxx

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