A Spring Cleaning Routine

Ooooh, I’ve been a bit rough this week. I have a horrible cold which has now been with me for over a week and doesn’t seem to want to depart. Still, I made it through the little man’s birthday festivities (just) and great fun was had by all so that’s the main thing. There was just so much cuteness, I’m so glad we made the effort to do the big sleepover (even though very little sleep was had).

Actually, feeling poorly always makes me feel not only rubbish but also, a little bit panicky. The longer I’m taken out of action, the more anxious I become about what’s spiralling out of control all around me. With four people living in a house together, the amount of work that needs to be done always astonishes me, even after all this time. When one of those people is not well and can’t keep up with everything, it’s surprising how quickly things can descend into chaos. This is certainly the case in our house! (How do people with more children or longer term illnesses cope?!)

When I think about the work involved in keeping our home ticking along, I could think of many words to describe the sorts of daily tasks which have to be done and yet, annoyingly, refuse to do themselves…Let’s try some…. Boring?…. Relentless?…. Dull?…. Tiring?…. Just plain tedious!…. I’m sure we could all add to the list. Of course, this is not to say life is all work and no play. It’s just that there’s always so much to be done. If I’m honest, I sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed by it all. (I’m pretty sure I’m not alone here.) Let’s just be clear, I’m no clean freak, but I do want to live in a world where I can sit back and relax every now and then without having to feel that I should be back on my feet getting started on the next job.

Cleaning is the worst culprit of all in my opinion and in recent weeks, I have been wondering if adding a bit of routine to the situation would help avoid the problem I always seem to run into whereby I spend my whole weekend catching up on housework just so that we are ready to face another week. I saw this post on Pinterest and it caught my eye because  it seemed semi-achievable (unlike lots of the other cleaning schedules I saw there, some of which were down-right military and left me feeling very inadequate).



However, I wasn’t sure the items listed reflected the way I like to do things perfectly so I thought I’d have a go at my own cleaning schedule. What I did love was the idea that by doing a small amount each day, I could avoid having to spend several hours of my weekend cleaning and preparing for the week ahead.

I expanded my schedule a bit to include some additional tasks, such as changing the bed linen and ironing which weren’t allowed-for on the version above as well as removing some of the other bits which I thought were probably not realistic for me (let’s face it, there’s no way I’m ever going to wipe down my walls once a month! Why would anyone need to do that?! Am I crazy? Are you all out there going ‘Eww! She doesn’t wipe down her walls and baseboards every month? How disgusting!’)

Anyhooo, here is our weekly cleaning schedule as it stands at present. It’s working pretty well so far but we’re just getting going so I’m guessing there may need to be some tweaking as we go. I am bearing in mind that there will be days I can’t fit everything in so things will fall by the way-side every now and then but I think it will be useful for me to have a clear idea of what I’m aiming for each day. I should probably also point out that I know there will always be extra cleaning tasks I’ll need to add at some point during my month (I may even have to go completely crazy and ditch the dusting every now and then to fit some extras in) but I feel like this schedule is a good place for us to start. I’m also hoping that by sticking this pretty schedule on the fridge, someone other than me might be inspired to do some of it! You never know your luck eh?! Heck, I may even break out the laminator for this one!

Our new cleaning routine

Our new cleaning routine

So, what do you think? Is this do-able? Does anyone else ever feel overwhelmed by cleaning? Anyone want to join me in this new cleaning routine? I’d love to hear how it works for you. I have received some more fabulous furniture make-over ‘before and afters’ this week. I LOVE receiving them. Don’t forget, you can now email me at homeheartharmony@yahoo.com, comment on this post or catch up with me on Facebook or Twitter. If you would like to receive my new posts to your email in-box, simply sign up as an email subscriber (you can do this on the right side of the screen on a PC or laptop or at the bottom of each post on a tablet or smart phone.)

For those that are waiting, I am painfully aware that I owe you all a certain de-clutter update (shhh! nobody say ‘garage!’) I’m working on it but progress has been slow – not helped by my illness this week – and it turns out that it’s quite difficult to move a treadmill by yourself so I am going to need to do some sweet-talking to get some help with that! This weekend is not looking hopeful either since we are planning a family day out to the Ideal Home Exhibition in London. I can’t wait to tell you all about it next week! (So important to get your priorities straight don’t you think?!) Have a great week everyone and thanks so much for reading.

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