Boxes of Delight

Hope you’ve all had a great week. It’s been a really busy one in our house, (hence the reason this post is coming to you slightly later than usual,) and we have an even busier week ahead which includes, among other things; our niece’s birthday, a ballet exam, our little man’s 8th birthday (how is it possible that he’s 8?!), a sleepover for four almost 8 year old boys, 2 additional birthday parties (one of which is at our house) and (probably) some kind of break down. Possibly mine. I’m bracing myself for full on mania!

Before all of that, I am hoping that we are going to make some further progress with our garage de-clutter. We made a great start last weekend but, with other commitments already in the diary, it was always unlikely we would finish it in one weekend. Plus, it turned out to be a beautiful spring weekend and after 4 months of pretty much solid rain, none of us were too keen to miss out on a bit of sunshine by spending that precious time in the garage. I’m hoping to spend some more time in there this weekend but in the meantime, I have been working on some items to provide additional storage in there. I was particularly thinking about the crafting area since there will be little bits and pieces around which will need to be kept safely tucked away.

I am already promising myself that I will have that dreamy blue door featured in my last post so I thought I would set about creating some smaller storage to pretty things up and tie in with the blue theme I am planning. (All in my head at this stage I’m afraid!) Did I mention that I love blue?!

Fortunately for me, around Christmas time, my husband seems to receive a lot of wine as gifts (I can’t imagine why!) and some of it comes in lovely boxes like this one. (Apologies for the late night, slightly blurry phone pic!)

Wooden Wine Box

Wooden Wine Box

During my de-cluttering efforts last weekend, I considered throwing away this box but I couldn’t bring myself to part with it. It seemed a shame to get rid of something that could be so useful. It even had these very convenient compartments inside.

What could be better?!

What could be better?!

So, I got my new tin of blue paint (which was bought for an entirely different project but I’m thinking it will stretch to the garage door as well) and took it to the wooden box. I painted one coat of primer on the box and two on the lid (to cover that pesky logo). Then I followed up with two coats of the blue paint. I actually LOVE this box. Is that possible?

Two coats of primer, two coats of top coat and we're done

Two coats of primer, two coats of top coat and we’re done

I love it even more when I team it up with these gift-wrap covered shoe boxes which I also made to use in the garage. (I actually have a small box-hoarding issue which my husband laughs at me for, but he will be laughing on the other side of his face when he sees these babies – oh yes!!)

Can't wait to fill these with goodies and label 'em up!

Can’t wait to fill these with goodies and label ’em up!

I used spray glue on the bottom and top surfaces of the boxes before wrapping them and securing the insides with tape. This really helped me to get more precise edges since the box wasn’t moving around as I cut the paper. The rest was basically just like wrapping a gift except that I used the lids to draw a straight line to get a nice clean edge on the ends and cut out small triangles into all the corners so there was no excess paper folded underneath.

The wrapping process

The wrapping process – it wasn’t rocket science…

How cute do they all look? I can’t wait to get that garage finished now, just so that I can look at my lovely, pretty boxes while getting down to a spot of crafting in my new crafting area before leaving through my adorable blue door!! Oh, the anticipation!

Boxes of Delight?

Boxes of Delight?

I’m off to crack on with the garage. Anyone else been painting old wine boxes or wrapping up shoe boxes like a crazy woman? No? Just me? Ok then….well, have a great week. Hope to see you back here again soon.

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  1. Viv Moon says:

    Love the blog Sue – Stampy Cat is indeed very impressive! Hope that little man has a wonderful birthday – can’t believe he’s 8. Thanks for using the better photo if me – don’t know why I look like I’m wearing hearing aids??

  2. Shanice says:

    Soo cute! I would love it if you joined and contribute your awesome posts at my link party at City of Creative Dreams on Fridays 😀 Hope to see you there at City of Creative Dreams Link Party

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