Adventures in spray painting

If you are following me on Facebook, you will have seen that I have been shopping this week for project supplies. Researching for last week’s post really got me inspired and I couldn’t wait to get out and buy up some materials to get going with some projects I have been putting off for waaaaaay too long.

Raring to go...

Raring to go…

Before I go any further can I just ask…WHY is paint so expensive? WHY? I just wanted to put that out there. I won’t even tell you how much this little lot set me back (because it may cause my husband to become ill) but looking at this tiny pile, I was shocked at how much it all cost! Does anyone else feel like they need to hold onto the counter for support when they check out at the DIY shop?

Anyway, once I had made my purchases, I didn’t know where to start! There are so many things I want to do around here. One thing I have been meaning to do for such a long time is re-introduce a little corner seating area in our breakfast room. We re-decorated the kitchen-diner around 18 months ago and prior to that we had a comfortable chair in the corner where we could sit and read or watch TV, have a cuppa or keep an eye on the kiddo’s in the garden. The chair was well worn and did not match in with the new decor in any way so it had to go. However, we have really missed that chair and I have been thinking about what to replace it with. I didn’t want anything too big as it has been nice having the extra space and I wanted something lighter and more in-keeping with the style of the room as it is now.

I had bought two wicker chairs back when we first moved into this house and I wanted white ones but could only get natural at the time for the price I wanted. I had thought that I could always paint them but I have just never got around to it. Well, that’s all changed this week my friends! In my excitement, I forgot to photograph the chair before I painted it! Fortunately, I had two so, this is how the chair looked before (only without the dog-chewed corner this one has).

Au naturel..

Au naturel..

In addition to the chairs, I had been hoarding storing a small table which was rescued from my late in-laws house-clearance which was just crying out to be painted. It was such a pretty shape that although I didn’t know where it could go in our home, I couldn’t bear to see it sent off to the tip.

I decided to try my hand with spray paints since I had never used them before and I imagined they would be perfect for getting into the awkward spaces in both the chair and the table leg. I started with a primer spray paint.

First coat on and all was looking good

First coat on and all was looking good

I read the instructions on the can and just went for it. The paint covered less thoroughly than I was expecting and I was surprised how much of it I used just covering the little table with one coat. I then gave the chair a first coat and the table a second and the can was pretty much empty. I decided that I had probably given them enough coverage to move straight onto the top coat but at this point I was already starting to realise that perhaps the spray paint was not the best option for the table top after all. Even the primer didn’t go on evenly. There were very obvious bubbles on the surface so I left it to dry hoping that some miracle would occur overnight and it would somehow ‘spread out’ and dry smooth.



You are no doubt amazed to hear that this did not work out for me! The bubbles were still very much present and I had run out of primer. At this point, it may have been sensible for me to sand down the top of the table and buy another can of primer to start again. But no! I threw caution to the wind and decided to just go straight in with the top coat in the hope that it would cover the existing bubbles and they wouldn’t be noticeable. (Why would I ever think that you may be asking? To be honest, I think the decision was more to do with the fact that I didn’t have time to drive all the way back to the DIY shop to buy more primer and was reluctant to part with another £11).

To cut a long story short, the bubbles didn’t disappear (shock!!) and I learned that spray paint is not ideal for flat surfaces (or, more likely, that it is fine for flat surfaces but I need more practise with my spray painting technique!) I finished up sanding down the top and painting it with a brush and some more of the paint I used on our command centre pin board (which is perhaps what I should have done after the first coat of primer bubbled.) On the plus side, I think the spray paint has worked really well on the table leg and I would definitely use it again for something ‘upright!’

My relationship with spray paint may not be completely over...

My relationship with spray paint may not be completely over…

As for the chair, the spray paint did work well and I think it was the ideal thing for the wicker. However, I did finish up giving that a final coat with the brush as well because I had used up all the spray paint trying to cover the bubbles just to make sure the colours matched completely. What do you think? Worth all the spraying, sanding and brushing?

Shabby chic?

Shabby chic?

I am so happy with this little corner. I really did miss that old chair. I think the new (old) one is going to be a good friend too…


Looking forward to spending some time in this corner

Looking forward to spending some time in this corner

Shall we just enjoy a couple of before and afters? You know how I love them….

Chair before and after

Chair before and after


Table before and after...

Table before and after…

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