Goals for 2014

Well, I told you in my first post that the creation of this blog was one of my many new year’s resolutions so, while it’s still January (is this month going to last forever?) I thought I would share with you some goals and plans for the year ahead. Most of these are ‘home specific’ so in a way, I’m hoping that setting out these targets here for all to see will encourage me to find time to actually achieve some of them.

2014 Goals


One of my (many) flaws is in putting off till tomorrow what could be done today (something my late Nan often told me never to do) and I am often frustrated by how long it takes me to find time to do the things I want to do around here. For example, I went to the trouble around six months ago to drive 20 miles to my nearest IKEA so that I could buy curtain fabric for my guest bedroom which matched the duvet set I had bought on a previous trip. I was convinced that I would be whipping up a sewing frenzy with the fabric in no time and unleashing my as-yet-undiscovered ‘inner seamstress.’ However, as is so often the case, the fabric is still sitting in the guest room in its original packet and I haven’t glanced in its direction since. (I have however taken at least 3 more trips to IKEA during which I could have purchased the urgently required fabric and saved myself the petrol money from the first trip – as well as avoiding several dozen other unnecessary purchases while I was there :/)

Shamefully, I have had a sewing machine in the cupboard for 15 (yes that’s right – FIFTEEN) YEARS that I have used……twice.  So, my first goal has to be sewing related and it is…

1. To make curtains for the guest bedroom

Another thing I have been putting off forever is to paint this bookcase….

Overloaded and a little bit sad :-(

Overloaded and a little bit sad 🙁

Oh, it looks so sad and drab in this picture! I have had it since we bought our first home together. I remember how excited we were to be buying real furniture (instead of hand-me downs or cheapo flat-packs). It has lived all over our various homes and nowadays it’s hidden away from public view because it’s just too dull (and rammed full of stuff – most of which isn’t even books!) Pine furniture was once all anyone wanted in their home and then all of a sudden, it wasn’t. And we had a house full of it! Lots of mine has been painted over the years but this bookcase never made the cut and if I’m honest, I think it’s probably feeling a bit neglected (I know, I feel bad). So, goal number two is:

2. To give the neglected pine bookcase a fabulous makeover.

I have recently seen all manner of swoon-worthy bookcase makeovers all over pinterest and the internet and I’m hoping to glam this one up a bit. One of my favourite examples is this one from a blogger favourite of mine, Centsational Girl:

billy bookcase in bedroom

Sensational bookcase makeover from Centsational Girl

So excited to get started with that project. Imagine if I could create something as amazing as that!

Another big goal for this year is:

3. To do something with the room we (not so) lovingly refer to as ‘the den.’

This is the room which houses most of the children’s toys, craft supplies, games, puzzles and my son’s X-box. It has never received much love if I’m honest and seems to be the place where furniture we don’t want in other rooms, ends up. When we moved in, the back wall on this picture was bright blue and all we have done since that time is paint that wall cream. If I tell you that this year marks the 10th anniversary of our time in this house, you start to get an idea as to how quickly we move on these things!

The Den - In need of some TLC!!

The Den – In need of some TLC!!

Again, I have big plans for this space. We have even talked about knocking this room through to the kitchen and conservatory (which you can see in the picture housing our enormous dog crate). So, watch this space.

Goal number four is another bookcase crying out for a makeover:

4. Update the landing bookshelves.

They fit the space perfectly but need prettying up

They fit the space perfectly but need prettying up

This poor specimen was recently kicked out of my son’s bedroom and I can’t bring myself to throw it out since it fits so perfectly in this little nook (which was previously always filled with a pile of stuff that needed to be taken downstairs.) I’m thinking some kind of basket on one of these shelves might be in order to transport such things but I would also like to tie it in to the decor of our upstairs landing by possibly using some wallpaper on the back of the inside. However, the back of this bookcase can also be seen from behind on both the upstairs landing and in the hallway below so I’m hoping to pretty up the back too.

The back is visible from upstairs and downstairs

The back is visible from upstairs and downstairs

My final, biggest goal and the one that is closest to my heart is this:

5. Keep this blog up and running!

I have been blown away by all the lovely, genuinely positive comments people have made to me about this little venture. To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting anyone to read it. I am LOVING the way that it combines so perfectly two of my biggest passions….writing and home style. I have all sorts of ideas flying around in my head so stay tuned and hopefully I can live up to your expectations.

I should probably mention here that my hubby is probably having a small anxiety attack at the fact that I have shared these goals with the world since a large part of the work involved in achieving them will probably be his. Calm down honey, we’ll get there! I will be spending this weekend (directing my husband in) putting the finishing touches to the ‘Command Centre’ so that I can share it with you a.s.a.p. Hope to see you back here soon…and thank you SOOOOO much for reading.


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    Your blog is great, but I’m noticing that some of the images aren’t coming up, especially on this page … is it me or are your links dying?

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