Command Centre Central

Hello and welcome to ‘Command Centre….Central!’ (See what I did there?) Actually, if I’m honest, we haven’t quite reached central station just yet, we are more like a couple of stops out but our journey has definitely begun. Why don’t you hop on board? (Have I just taken the metaphor a step too far? It’s o.k, I’m done now.)

I should probably start at the beginning and talk a little bit about why I am creating a command centre in my home and my vision of how it will come together. The impetus for this project was a serious, ridiculous paper clutter issue. I know many of you will join me in despairing about the huge amount of paper that floods into our homes every day. I try to be environmentally friendly and paperless wherever I can but it feels like this tide of paper is pretty relentless. I can’t be the only person who struggles to keep on top of this situation (can I?) The biggest problem is that I am not always good at separating the important ‘stuff to do’ papers from the ‘needs to be kept for information but doesn’t require action’ papers. So, my goal is that I will have an area to deal immediately with paper coming into the house which allows me to separate those papers that really just need to be filed from those that require action. I would also like to separate them by person so I can easily put my hands on exactly what I need (rather than the hour long search for one pay slip which occurred earlier today and may or may not have led to a ‘hot under the collar’ situation before the offending slip was eventually found :/)

So, the vision is this….(let’s pretend that this image is a super high-tech computer-generated plan and not what it actually is…a photo of a drawing which I did because I didn’t know how to generate afore-mentioned CG plan!):


The command centre is being located in our hallway. This is so that I can deal with papers as they come in the door and attempt to stop them from worming their evil way into the rest of the house. At present, our hallway is more style than function and whilst I enjoy keeping my hallway serene and neutral, this space is really not useful in any way (which quite honestly, seems like a waste.)


Not a good use of space?


Since I have been thinking about this command centre for a while (read: at least 6 months) I have already purchased this ‘Kvissle’ magazine rack from IKEA and some fabric, cork board and spray glue to create the focus of today’s post….the notice board. I had seen tutorials on Pinterest for really striking pin boards so I thought I would give it a go. I am hoping that the pin-board will be an ‘in-your-face’ reminder board to hold our weekly plan (more about that another day) and things like invitations and appointment cards. I do NOT want it to become overwhelmed with paper so I will try hard not to pin too much and will use the paper rack for papers so they are not out on display.

The frame for the pin-board has come from a mirror which was hanging in the living room of the home of my late parents-in-law for most of the 20 years I knew them. It feels really good to be able to give new life to something which was a part of their home and make it an integral part of ours.

I couldn't wait to give this mirror a makeover!

I couldn’t wait to give this mirror a makeover!

I really wanted to try and tie the command centre into our existing decor as much as possible so I decided to paint the frame of the mirror cream and use a square of fabric which matches the wallpaper at the end of the hall (which is this one from Laura Ashley). My intention was to use a primer as a first coat since I wasn’t sure how the paint would adhere to the frame. I think, ideally, primer would be the best thing to use (if you asked someone who knew anything about paint!) However, when I came to it, we only had undercoat to hand so I just ‘went with it.’

I made sure each coat was completely dry before applying the next one.

I made sure each coat was completely dry before applying the next one.

Actually, the undercoat was fine. I painted two coats of undercoat, leaving each coat to dry completely, and then followed with two coats of cream gloss paint for wood and metal. I am really pleased with how the frame turned out. I had originally planned to use spray paint to avoid any visible brush strokes or drips but once I had used a brush for the undercoat, it seemed pointless to switch to spray paint and I was not brave enough to try it.

For the pin board itself, I removed the back of the mirror and took out the glass. I then used spray glue to adhere the cork to the back board. I had to cut some of the cork to size as I had ordered cork tiles rather than rolled cork since I wanted to make sure it would be thick enough to comfortably take a drawing pin without poking through the back. I thought the rolled cork would probably be too thin.

After removing the mirror, I put the newly covered pin board into the frame.

After removing the mirror, I put the newly covered pin board into the frame.

To secure the fabric, I used a staple gun to fix the fabric to the reverse side of the back-board all down one of the long sides. I then pulled it tightly across and did the same down the other side. I put some of the excess cork underneath the board while using the staple gun just to be sure I didn’t staple the whole thing to the work top (being prone to similar kinds of calamity….) I cut off the corners of the fabric to ensure the whole thing fit back into the frame before folding over the top and bottom and securing those edges with the staple gun in the same way as the sides. After putting the new pin board back into the painted frame, I was pretty pleased with the end result. The cork is plenty thick enough to take the pins and I love the look of the fabric in the painted frame. What do you think? I can’t wait to get this baby on the wall and pull together the rest of the ‘vision.’

The finished article taken against the hallway wallpaper

The finished article taken against the hallway wallpaper

The frame came up better than I expected, a new lease of life!

The frame came up better than I expected, a new lease of life!

So, there we have it, stop one on our wild ride to command centre central. What do you think? Be sure to come back for the next stop (I know, you’re probably breathless with anticipation!…) Tell me what you think by clicking on the ‘comments’  link underneath the title of this post, I cannot tell you how excited I would be to hear from you!

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  1. Cathy says:

    Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo – how amazing – skip a beat! “Sweet” as Ben would say.
    Think you need to wave a little magical organisation over the office at work – like the Staples labels! Would love to incorporate the command station but how does it work in a male dominated/ disorientated teenage zone – wish I’d introduced it in the pre 10 yr old days then there would have been no consultation or angst from the teenage, male adult brigade! Any suggestions?!!

    • says:

      Ha ha, I’ll give it some thought Cathy! Believe it or not the person I find most difficult to encourage to ‘get onboard’ with my ideas is the husband! Perhaps I need to find an adult male version of ‘Mom bucks’ (see post on the topic!) to encourage them. ‘Beer bucks?’

  2. Viv Moon says:

    I can’t believe those photos are my daughters house!! It’s truly amazing – I’ve always known she had an incredible sense of style – now we are beginning a total redecoration of our home – her father won’t let me even choose a colour without her say so!!! So before the entire house is painted in different colour tester pots – I need your help!!! Very proud mummy and daddy too.

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