Kids’ Bedroom Updates

Sooooo, I have been waiting for a bright day so that I could get better photos of the children’s bedrooms for the big reveal. It seems I was forgetting that I live in England…and it’s January. Probably best if we just crack on then….

I so wish I had ‘before’ pictures to show you of these spaces but I wasn’t sure until very recently that I would be able to get the blog up and running so they didn’t happen. Let’s just provide you with a mental image. If you could just take a moment to imagine the rooms in the pictures below, with half height white bookcases, chests of drawers and…..stuff…….everywhere…….aaaand we’re there!

De-cluttering and updating their rooms was something the children really wanted to do. I think even they felt overwhelmed by their belongings and they realised that they weren’t actually able to get to the things they really wanted to use and play with because there was too much stuff piled on top of it. So, the goal here was really to only keep the things the children really used, loved and had space to store and access easily.

I should probably point out at this stage that I am no expert (to say the least!) and my home is sooooo far from organised and tidy all the time but, I love to see a clean and organised room so that is always my end goal. If something doesn’t work out, I will try, try and try again to get it right but there are only so many hours in the day and the whole point of this is that I get to spend more time with my family and less time looking for lost things!

I always find the best way to tackle organising projects is to move everything out and then only bring back in the things you really love, find useful and have room for (at least, that’s what I’ve read and it seems to work). On this occasion, we donated piles and piles of books, toys, puzzles, clothes and games to charity and only kept the ones the children really wanted, which were appropriate for their current ages and upwards and which were useful. We threw some stuff away (as is inevitable with a big clear-out) and the rest got put back into a specific place in their new storage units.

To assess what storage was needed, I grouped everything that was left into ‘categories’ (like with like) and decided from there what the main storage needs were. The biggest category was books so we dedicated a good few shelves on their new bookcases to this one thing. Then, most of the rest was hidden away in a box which was given a label. (The theory here is that the children will know where to put everything when it needs to be put away, let’s see how that works out shall we?!)

The bookcases and overbed shelves are these and these from IKEA. I have been researching options for the children’s rooms for such a long time now and in the end, I felt these offered the storage that would work best for the space (they used vertical space as well as horizontal) and that they were the best in terms of value for money. I am always astounded at the price of children’s bedroom furniture. I browse beautiful storage units from companies like Aspace and Great Little Trading Company with lustful eyes but always finish up settling for something that’s better value and wondering who in the world can justify such expense for a child’s bedroom. (Is that just me?)

So, without further ado, let’s see some pictures of the newly organised spaces shall we?….

There was (a small window of) sunshine!

There was (a small window of) sunshine!


Categorised to within an inch of their lives

Categorised to within an inch of their lives

Girl's Room 1

Ahhhh, pretty!


Girly heaven!

Girly heaven!

To say that the children are over the moon about their newly organised bedrooms is something of an understatement. So far, everything seems to be working. Involving the children in the organising process has meant that the rooms have stayed (largely) tidy and there have been no ‘Muuuuuummm, where’s my…..‘ moments. I just love walking past their bedrooms now (in fact, I may have been backwards and forwards on our upstairs landing more times than was strictly necessary this past week!)

So, what are your thoughts? (Please forgive me if the quality of the images is poor, I am working with my point and shoot camera and hey, I’m new at this, things can only get better right?!)

My plan for the next week is to get going with my long awaited ‘command centre.’ There is a can of spray paint in my garage and I’m not afraid to use it….(well, o.k, I’m a little bit afraid!) See you next week? xx




  1. Jenny hall says:

    They look great I imagine that was very satisfying! Very day I might get round to doing this? I wouldn’t want The kids to die of shock though so would have to be gradual.and can I face all that Lego?

    • says:

      Thanks Jenny, they say that slow but steady wins the race! It took me a good week at home over Christmas to sort through all my kids junk (and treasures!) and there is always more to do. Just as well the weather was miserable and we had the time for it! Let me know how you get on. xxx

  2. Sarah-Jane Shepherd says:

    Loved reading your blog. You’ve inspired me to sort my ‘paper pile’ …. l’ll let you know when l recover.
    Can’t wait for the next blog. Xx

  3. Kelly Donald says:

    Wow! Excellent writing Sue and love the hall and the kids rooms! I to was determined to deal with the paper issue and bought this great book called paper flow … It is now at the bottom of the paper pile drowning … As you say it’s relentless , I’ll check back and read how you get on. P.s. I added my site …I am passionate about chemical free home/ personal care products and nutritionals that work and are safe. Xxxx

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